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Synonyms for gamble

take a chance




Synonyms for gamble

to make a bet

to put up as a stake in a game or speculation

to take a risk in the hope of gaining advantage

a venture depending on chance

a possibility of danger or harm

Synonyms for gamble

money that is risked for possible monetary gain

a risky act or venture

play games for money

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Most are considered to be social or recreational gamblers who gamble occasionally for the purposes of socialization, entertainment, and enjoyment.
However, while gambling is a more common behavior, adolescents who gamble have a higher risk of using illegal drugs and alcohol than do teens who do not gamble (State of Oregon, Center for Healthy Statistics, 2007).
Similarly, evidence suggests that many Indigenous people unable to participate fully in urban communities will gamble as a way of dealing with social isolation or unemployment (McMillen et al.
Coaches might ask themselves, "Why should I worry if my athletes want to gamble in their free time on activities such as cards or billiards?
As Shaffer points out, "There is an emerging body of evidence suggesting that illicit gambling among young people is increasing at a rate at least proportional to the opportunity to gamble legally.
Most people are able to gamble with little or no adverse consequences; they are commonly referred to as "social gamblers.