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Synonyms for gamble

take a chance




Synonyms for gamble

to make a bet

to put up as a stake in a game or speculation

to take a risk in the hope of gaining advantage

a venture depending on chance

a possibility of danger or harm

Synonyms for gamble

money that is risked for possible monetary gain

a risky act or venture

play games for money

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For venue staff with time off when family and friends are working, this 'second family' can be a strong attractant back to the workplace to gamble during time off if this is allowed.
It seems like there are a lot of young people today who have that same kind of background as I did in architecture and finance, but in my day that wasn't really a typical combination," Gamble said.
Gamble was turned over to Grand Prairie authorities and charged with aggravated robbery.
The gamblers in this group may initially gamble for entertainment or socialization and have the least symptoms.
In this post, Gamble is helping to redevelop his native South Philadelphia and is constructing a how-to model for urban redevelopment he hopes communities across the nation will adopt.
The three following sections explore the relationship between religion and the amount of money individuals gamble.
Through its success, Procter & Gamble has become a recognized leader in the development, manufacturing and marketing of superior-quality products that serve a variety of consumer and commercial markets, including long-term healthcare.
Several of these symptoms are suggestive of an inability to control the impulse to gamble even though gambling has caused significant problems.
Do you ever gamble to get money with which to pay debts or to otherwise solve financial difficulties?
But Procter & Gamble needs the Food and Drug Administration's approval before it can market a line of olestra-containing snacks such as potato chips, tortilla chips, and crackers.
2) In Procter & Gamble, the Tax Court handed the IRS yet another defeat in the IRS's attempts at damage control.
The Director of Gambling Law and Policy at the Department of Trade and Industry (the dti), Mr Nkoatse Mashamaite says although gambling contributes noticeably to the countrys finances, it has negative consequences for individuals and the families of people who gamble irresponsibly.
BETTING operators supporting the Gamble Aware website through their contributions to the GREaT Foundation, the official fundraiser for research, education and treatment into problem gambling, will notice a change to the online offering.
Those who worked full time were more likely to gamble; those who were not students were likely to gamble frequently (twice a week or more); and those who lived independently were more likely to gamble and be problem gamblers.
Problem gamblers also were more likely to gamble alone--43% versus 24% for nonproblem gamblers.