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meter for detecting or comparing or measuring small electric currents

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This allows the use of vector-scanning techniques, employing mirrors mounted on computer-controlled galvanometers to direct the beam to any location on the work surface (Fig.
The steered beam system includes one laser, two galvanometers with mirrors and associated optics.
1971) (holding skin galvanometers designed to measure changes in electrical resistance in human body are "devices" under the FDCA); United States v.
For example, he states it is "obviously not possible to make meaningful comparisons between sensitivities for different devices such as analytical balances, galvanometers, and photographic emulsions because they all represent different responses to different stimuli".
Beam-steered laser marking employs mirrors mounted on high-speed, computer-controlled galvanometers to direct the laser beam across the target surface [ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURE 2 OMITTED].
Alternatively, work effort is objectively quantified by skin galvanometers, sphygmomanometers, and the like.
Electronic Displays are replacing the traditional mechanical device displays (like galvanometers, counters and even paper).
The company's optical position detector galvanometers provides companies with the ability to program lasers to detect various characteristics in a manufacturing environment.
In addition, sophisticated control software has been developed by companies like ESI that permit processing on the fly, in which the moving beam never stops during processing and is coordinated between the galvanometers and the motion stages.