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meter for detecting or comparing or measuring small electric currents

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Today the high-speed galvanometer mirror is used to control the x and y directions of scanning lasers.
The key to the speed and accuracy of the LEAP technology is the use of custom F-Theta optics that provide a large field-of-view, and high-speed galvanometer mirrors to both image and to steer a laser beam to targeted cells.
Distortions found in larger field galvanometer systems aren't a factor in this design, nor are "patchwork" or "abutment" errors that may arise by piecing together smaller fields over a large area.
Because via spacing is generally small, the galvanometer field can be small and very accurate.
7 (T), galvanometer method structure, Auto Focus: 9 groups, 12 elements, (3 aspheric elements 5 aspheric surfaces) lens built-in neutral density filter Shutter Speed Still pictures: 1/2 ~ 1/2000 sec.
Nutfield Tech's galvanometer scanners offer ground breaking optical position detector designs that are ideal for hand-held scanning applications.
The laser beam is directed by a galvanometer, which will use the diecut pattern loaded into the machine as the guide for cutting different shapes.
With this technology, the 5335 provides enhanced optical beam manipulation beyond what is achievable with simple galvanometer control.
The third volume discussed the Cornell galvanometer, along with telegraphs, telephony, and electric light and power.
Using a galvanometer with 24,000 turns of wire in the coil, his instrument was sensitive enough to detect the small voltage variations during muscle contraction (2).
I could see the light from the galvanometer begin to move across the scale.
The multiphoton imaging system featuring a high-resolution galvanometer scanner and a high-speed resonant scanner capable of frame rates from 30 fps at 512 X 512 pixels to as fast as 420 fps in band-scan mode.
In 1820 the galvanometer was developed that enable the detection of very small electrical currents enabling the birth of the biopotential measurements.