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meter for detecting or comparing or measuring small electric currents

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However a few whiskers often remain, which had to be removed manually using knives and scrapers, as otherwise there was a risk of fine wires being broken as the galvanometer stator is inserted.
The QS-30 moving magnet galvanometer is the first galvo to include a ceramic rotor for the purpose of reducing rotor inertia and increasing rotor stiffness.
QD-2000 Servo Amplifiers are tested and tuned with serial number matched galvanometer and mirror to customer specifications.
With this technology, the 5335 provides enhanced optical beam manipulation beyond what is achievable with simple galvanometer control.
The third volume discussed the Cornell galvanometer, along with telegraphs, telephony, and electric light and power.
Using a galvanometer with 24,000 turns of wire in the coil, his instrument was sensitive enough to detect the small voltage variations during muscle contraction (2).
I could see the light from the galvanometer begin to move across the scale.
The multiphoton imaging system featuring a high-resolution galvanometer scanner and a high-speed resonant scanner capable of frame rates from 30 fps at 512 X 512 pixels to as fast as 420 fps in band-scan mode.
The third should be manifested by the deflection of a galvanometer, but was not detected.
In 1820 the galvanometer was developed that enable the detection of very small electrical currents enabling the birth of the biopotential measurements.
001g, serial number HS2764, Metler (Switzerland)); oven (Gallenkamp oven 3,000 plus series, Gallenkamp (England), serial number 206 2P 29N); digestion block ((Kjeldatherm (England), serial number 444098); galvanometer (cam metric limited (England), serial number 8062-5806); ballistic bomb calorimeter (Gallenkamp (England), cat number 19/ID6790); atomic absorption spectrometer (AAS) (United States USA, serial number 1058); and spectrometer 20+D (Milton Roy (United States USA, serial number 37E7205036).
It reduces operator's fatigue and the galvanometer can be set to have greater sensitivity then the optical system.
The A1R model incorporates a unique hybrid scanner system utilizing a high speed resonant galvanometer capable of acquisitions up to 240 frames per second.