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Synonyms for galvanization

stimulation with a galvanic current

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stimulation that arouses a person to lively action

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either the work of covering with metal by the use of a galvanic current or the coating of iron with zinc to protect it from rusting

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While true chrome is used in the manufacture of the 3DHS hot stamping foil, it is not the environmentally hazardous hexavalent chromium employed in the galvanization process.
The basis for the idea came from the fact that the addition of magnesium during the steel galvanization process results in improved performance.
They, therefore, perceive themselves as heirs to a cultural multivalence, which must be mobilised in the galvanization of their creative energies.
Thus the galvanization of Africans was matched by solidarity between European states and the US.
Other topics of the ten papers include hot-dip galvanization compared to alternative zinc coatings, surface treatment of nickel-titanium alloys for medical applications, the corrosion stability of epoxy cataphoretic coatings, and organosilanes as primer layers on metals.
Delaporte's historical argument connects the event of Duchenne's 1850s galvanization of the facial muscles with a history of physiological problems, dating back to the seventeenth century, whose influence on the study of emotions Duchenne rejected or overcame, leading him to establish in turn not just ciphers of a new and comprehensive theory of the emotions, but essential (and lasting) foundations.
It has realized by the processes of warm galvanization or evaporation in vacuum a metal layer, example Au, with a different potential as metal base of anodic block-Cu, resulted a structure of metal with a good electrical and thermal conduction of covered layer.
Coated metal is a downstream product of steel produced from steel plates/sheets through process of galvanization.
One of the facilities, 12 km north of the Bayland Park receptor, uses the process of galvanization to coat steel and iron with zinc.
Bench is about a need for galvanization in terms of taking care of ourselves, our earth, and each other better, and the apathy that precedes it.
The galvanization process enables the truck to better to meet the environmental demands of the refrigerated warehouse as well as the highly corrosive washes that are required by the EPA, without components rusting or impact on component's performance.
One wishes for none of these scenarios, but it may be that we will obtain the necessary galvanization of reform only when such a crisis is viewed as having been caused in some major part by the absence of the international means to manage it.
According to estimation, made in 1981, annual volume of subjected to galvanization ferrous metals constituted all over the world about 35 mln t (about 3 bln [m.
In particular, department officials were concerned about liquefied zinc used in the company's galvanization operations, along with sulfuric acid and sodium hydroxide.
Foremost among these successes has been the dramatic galvanization of the economy and its technological infrastructure, with an emphasis on the petrol sector, as well as the spectacular breakthrough in Libya's relations with the West, especially with the United States.