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Synonyms for galvanism

electricity produced by chemical action

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the therapeutic application of electricity to the body (as in the treatment of various forms of paralysis)

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12) His fame gave the world the word "volt" (for the measure of force of an electrical current), though of course this fame came not from his refutation of galvanism but for his invention of the battery, called a "voltaic pile" in his day (and in Shelley's novel).
24) In this essay on Shelley, an introduction to a collection of letters, Browning compares galvanic energy to the likeliness of the "lower incitements" of a poet's soul "simulating the nobler inspiration," to achieve great poetry: "As soon will the galvanism that provokes to violent action the muscles of a corpse, induce it to cross the chamber steadily: sooner," Browning writes disparagingly (p.
Perhaps a corpse would be reanimated; galvanism had given token of such things: perhaps the component parts of a creature might be manufactured, brought together, and endued with vital warmth.
The first American example is an anonymous letter, "Letter from a Revived Mummy," in the New York Evening Mirror (1832), which Frost suggests is probably the inspiration for Edgar Allan Poe's spoof "Some Words with a Mummy" (1845), both of which use galvanism as their mode of resurrection.
The current generated during galvanism should be weak
When he failed to respond to remedies such as galvanism, Halford's assistance was quickly sought.
15) The true historian puts "flesh" on the bones of history rather than attempting to animate an articulated skeleton by a form of "moral galvanism.
With his neighbour Frederic Race Godfrey he experimented with new fashions like mesmerism and galvanism, (3) and he was an enthusiastic exhibitor at the Sandhurst and Melbourne Exhibitions in 1854.
Lectures on electricity and galvanism in their physiological and therapeutical relations.
194) illustrates his profoundly Romantic resistance to these socioeconomic pressures, galvanism being the discovery in Romantic science that promised to blur the distinction not only between humans and animals but between organic and inorganic matter--to represent, indeed, the unifying force in all nature.