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Synonyms for galvanism

electricity produced by chemical action

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the therapeutic application of electricity to the body (as in the treatment of various forms of paralysis)

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Despite the refutation of galvanism, life was electric.
Galvanism and Ritter's experiments are also cited in the PG as contributing to how the understanding of two worlds, one sensible and one intelligible; see PG, GW ix, p.
89] used the ICP-AES (inductively coupled plasma-atomic emission spectroscopy) technique to confirm the release of metallic ions during titanium implant galvanism.
Theorists such as John Brown and Lorenz Oken sought this governing principle in the physical "laws" underlying magnetism, galvanism, or "excitability" (135).
Lectures on electricity and galvanism in their physiological and therapeutical relations.
194) illustrates his profoundly Romantic resistance to these socioeconomic pressures, galvanism being the discovery in Romantic science that promised to blur the distinction not only between humans and animals but between organic and inorganic matter--to represent, indeed, the unifying force in all nature.
When British people drowned, he said, galvanism might provide the necessary 'means of excitement' to return them to life.
If the husband and wife both continue the same persons as they were when they did love each other (supposing it was so), the love will continue; but if the natures change, either of both or one of them, and become antipathetic, it would be as reasonable to lecture oxygen and hydrogen on the duty of continuing in combination when they are decomposed by galvanism.
In supplying the cultural contexts for the five novels, he provides information on such topics as social and political life under George III and George IV; technological successes such as Telford's bridge at Menai and Davy's safety lamp; the serious interest in galvanism and phrenology at the time; and the national mourning over the death of Princess Charlotte.
The demonstration of galvanism had quite an impact on Mary.
Men in the rapidest motion and self-motion; restless, with convulsive energy, as if driven by Galvanism, as if possessed by the Devil .
the different kinds of air, on electricity, on galvanism with incredible
Heavily theorized commentary can be pompous, myopic, and turgid, but here one almost longs for the excitement or irritation theory can provoke, for the galvanism of new ideas and approaches, or even simply for a malcontent susurration of dissidence.
Between the quoted price of the treatment and some pretty troubling references in the Steiner of London brochure to "electrodes using faradism and galvanism," I opt to forfeit this bit of managed pampering.