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Synonyms for galvaniser

a skilled worker who coats iron or steel with zinc

a leader who stimulates and excites people to action

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Voulant galvaniser ses troupes en prevision de cette troisieme sortie, le staff technique national, compose du duo Ait Abdeslam Hcene et Daoud Amar, a axe son travail sur le plan psychologique et le visionnage des deux sorties precedentes.
El kettani, la cooperation France-Maroc [beaucoup moins que] est suffisamment puissante pour galvaniser la portee de l'engagement economique de l'axe Rabat-Paris, a la croisee geostrategique de l'Europe et de l'Afrique [beaucoup plus grand que].
CP is the second major business to have been acquired by the group this year after Zinkinvent, an international galvaniser and fabricator which has substantial galvanising operations in Europe and the US.
Il y a fort a craindre que les actuelles frappes continuent a galvaniser Daech.
In July, the group completed its objective of the acquisition of 100 per cent of international galvaniser and fabricator Zinkinvent, with leading galvanising operations in Europe and the USA.
Ce n'est pas le meme visage que celui de l'equipe qu'on avait affrontee la saison passee [beaucoup plus grand que], analyse Carteron qui prone, par la suite, un langage de guerrier, histoire de galvaniser ses joueurs indiquant que [beaucoup moins que] s'il faut mourir sur le terrain, on le fera [beaucoup plus grand que].
Zinkinvent owns Vista, a leading galvaniser operating in Europe and the USA.
Pour Mehdi Mostefa, qui n'a pu aller u terme du match pour cause de blessure, tout le merite revient aux supporters qui ont su les galvaniser.
Success stories range from luxury sports car manufacturer Aston Martin and armoured car maker NP Aerospace, to galvaniser B E Wedge and construction equipment maker JCB.
Mais, Faid Bilel a su galvaniser ses troupes qui reussirent a reduire l'ecart a 2 points (44-46) a moins de 3 minutes de la fin du 3e quart-temps.
They found John Grady, galvaniser, who resides in another room in the same house, lying on the floor with a wound in the left side near the hip.
Le resultat est d'une efficacite telle qu'il est impossible pour chacun de rester immobile, les rythmes gnawi envahissent le corps et ont pour effet de galvaniser la foule.
Wandering in and out of the impressionistic fairly ugly set (graffiti, girders and gloom) come drag queens, lesbians and those whose bodies seem to be plugged in to some electronic galvaniser which twitches them frenziedly in and out of one set of songs after another.
Metnor Group, the Geordie galvaniser which was foiled in a bid to buy Black Country engineer Ash & Lacy last year, is confident of growth potential.
That is why Ash & Lacey shut up shop since Tyneside's Metnor is the country's third largest galvaniser behind it with Hill & Smith not far behind.