galvanic skin response

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a change in the electrical properties of the skin in response to stress or anxiety

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when he and Mahala had arrived at the theater, at which time his galvanic skin response and especially his heat flux had risen dramatically above all his other physiologic indicators.
ie) the PIP - Personal Input Pod (TM) - is a wireless, hand-held device that uses galvanic skin response to measure an individual's stress level in real time and communicate it via Bluetooth (TM) to an iOS or Android smartphone or tablet.
Sensum pairs a wrist-mounted galvanic skin response (GSR) sensor, made by Dublin company Shimmer Research, via Bluetooth to a smartphone with the Sensum app installed, the New Scientist reported.
Combined with pixel-level eye tracking and galvanic skin response measurements, this type of neurological testing guarantees the most precise, detailed, reliable, and actionable form of market research.
Smallest Multi-Sensor Monitor Unlike almost all competitive products that use only one sensor to 'read' the body, BodyMedia's monitors incorporate temperature, heat flux, galvanic skin response and 3-axis accelerometer sensors to get accurate measurements of calorie burn, exercise intensity and sleep patterns that affect weight as well as health.
NeuroFocus' study analyzed consumers' brainwave activity and combined those findings with eye tracking and galvanic skin response measurements to arrive at results that reveal how print and online coupons fared in three primary neurological measurements:
Designed for continuous wear on the upper arm, BodyMedia armbands capture over 5,000 physiological data points per minute with four built-in sensors that measure heat flux, skin temperature, motion and galvanic skin response.