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Synonyms for galumph

to move heavily

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move around heavily and clumsily

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Corwin Sullivan, lead author of the study, "The Daohugou Biota gives us a look at a rarely glimpsed side of the Middle to Late Jurassic -- not a parade of galumphing giants, but an assemblage of quirky little creatures like feathered dinosaurs, pterosaurs with 'advanced' heads on 'primitive' bodies, and the Mesozoic equivalent of a flying squirrel.
The gait is also remarkably consistent across breeds, from galumphing Newfoundlands to a small Jack Russell terrier.
A towering animal of some sort that walked on two legs like a man, but had a long, thick tail, was galumphing towards the terrier.
That Britain needs a sound immigration policy is not in doubt but it surely requires one that is seen to be civilized, not one that smacks of a galumphing police state.
Trilling a surrealist high note while striking the bar chords of narrative, Sky Sandwiches proves that eccentric imagery and galumphing streams of diction enhance emotion and create empirical phrases of melodic motion.
Instead of a pointed toe and low-slung, extended leg, daisy cutting its way towards victory, what may be required is a high, round knee action, galumphing its way to glory.
Still, he was an athlete, and on Tuesday and Thursday mornings she watched him navigate the crowded hall and narrow classroom aisles with the heedless, galumphing grace of a big dog.
He is completely dominated and manipulated by an all-female family of Gorgons--his mother Alice (Leo) and seven galumphing, bottle-blonde, and overweight sisters who hang around in a rugby crowd throughout the film and who seem incapable of independent movement.
When he had met Stead earlier that day, Conan Doyle had seen himself in the great London editor's eyes as 'this big unknown provincial doctor' (M&A, 88), and a similarly galumphing self-image may have met him in the gaze of Morris, an already distinguished man of 'virility and decisiveness' who 'did not suffer fools very gladly'.
The galumphing of male soldiers and female cheerleaders effectively destroyed Berlioz's gossamer evocation ofWill o' the Wisps.
Following their coquetry, the pair launched into a galumphing routine, stomping petulantly in their platform heels and throwing themselves at the huge wall that formed the rear of the set.
And by one more, I guess she is saying that TV producers should throw heaps of cash at a mature blonde of Scandinavian origin, who has a thing for aggressive footballers, galumphing Gladiators and randy old England managers.
From the opening entrance of a pair of galumphing, plastic-encased Teddies (Davide Di Pretoro and Yang Wang) to the arrival of an enticing Queen of Greenies (Caroline Finn, who begs to be kissed by one of four nimble, neon-green-suited men), and the final march of some adorable Porcupines, Preljocaj unleashes a bag of choreographic wonders.
And nothing has been more entertaining than watching the dashing not-quite Sergeant galumphing around the floor, week after glorious week, dragging Kristina after him like some geriatric Tarzan with lumbago as well as Jane.
The same company made Black Russian, in a gorgeous box instead of a carton, and though they tasted like dung they were the last word in sophistication and turned the most galumphing farmer's daughter into Marlene Dietrich.