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  • verb

Synonyms for galumph

to move heavily

Words related to galumph

move around heavily and clumsily

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The heavy duty Underground Machine has the feel of a galumphing robot at a metal disco, cast in the slipstream of Rock DJ.
The galumphing of male soldiers and female cheerleaders effectively destroyed Berlioz's gossamer evocation ofWill o' the Wisps.
Following their coquetry, the pair launched into a galumphing routine, stomping petulantly in their platform heels and throwing themselves at the huge wall that formed the rear of the set.
And by one more, I guess she is saying that TV producers should throw heaps of cash at a mature blonde of Scandinavian origin, who has a thing for aggressive footballers, galumphing Gladiators and randy old England managers.
But then even Kate Moss would look a champion pie-eater in one of these, galumphing along in snow boots like a drunken sailor.
From the opening entrance of a pair of galumphing, plastic-encased Teddies (Davide Di Pretoro and Yang Wang) to the arrival of an enticing Queen of Greenies (Caroline Finn, who begs to be kissed by one of four nimble, neon-green-suited men), and the final march of some adorable Porcupines, Preljocaj unleashes a bag of choreographic wonders.
And nothing has been more entertaining than watching the dashing not-quite Sergeant galumphing around the floor, week after glorious week, dragging Kristina after him like some geriatric Tarzan with lumbago as well as Jane.
The same company made Black Russian, in a gorgeous box instead of a carton, and though they tasted like dung they were the last word in sophistication and turned the most galumphing farmer's daughter into Marlene Dietrich.
This galumphing squall of Busby Berkeley-esque intensity enraptures, in spite of certain ominous elements and symbolism within the painting, such as the elephants' closed eyes, the snarls and close proximity to us of the panthers, and two clowns recalling Ronald McDonald and John Wayne Gacy's "Pogo" (the character the serial killer performed at birthday parties, luring boys to their deaths).
It's hard to pick the worst of such a dire selection, but C-lebrity's galumphing satire particularly grates.
He left it dead, and with its head He went galumphing back.
Ditto to the dowdily galumphing dromedary with its root in dromad, Greek for swift.
Galumphing about the stage in a sensationally outre gown, purple hair and rhinestone-winged glasses, she razzes latecomers and asks them to identify themselves.
So for Sunday's feature Churchill recruited three young, extraordinarily gifted artists for a magic rendering of Beethoven's galumphing Triple Concerto for violin, cello, and piano: Sami Merdinian, violin; Jacob Braun, cello; and Christopher Guzman, piano.
Andrew Spencer is very likeable as a galumphing Baron Hardup, while Sharon Whitehead and Nicci England are a sparky pair of principal boys as Prince Charming and Dandini.