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Synonyms for galumph

to move heavily

Words related to galumph

move around heavily and clumsily

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When the ceremony ended, the freshly blessed animals and their smiling owners shuffled, slithered, or galumphed home to await next year's blessing.
he said, As he hacked off its head, And galumphed, all a-chortle, away.
3 -- In a week when a hundred thousand germs wearing hobnailed boots galumphed up and down my throat, I had the astounding good luck to come across three books that made me happy.
The nation's most famous spinster galumphed around the dancefloor to the strains of Let's Do It, brushing off the amorous advances of Anton.
In the interests of making my point I have swaggered, galumphed, fallen flat on the floor, and done brief modern dances.