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  • verb

Synonyms for galumph

to move heavily

Words related to galumph

move around heavily and clumsily

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he said, As he hacked off its head, And galumphed, all a-chortle, away.
The nation's most famous spinster galumphed around the dancefloor to the strains of Let's Do It, brushing off the amorous advances of Anton.
In the interests of making my point I have swaggered, galumphed, fallen flat on the floor, and done brief modern dances.
Where other fast bowlers galumphed to the wicket shaking the ground with every stride, Holding glided with effortless, almost silent economy, to the extent that umpires often had to turn to see if he really was on his way.
That idiotic caravan of houseguests - and their first shameless product placement, for SUVs - galumphed along so endlessly it felt like they were driving in from Arizona.