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a disreputable or clumsy man

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Brian Wake, who scored the home side's only goal after 21 minutes, touched on the subject when the grumpy galoots had left for the nearest pub where they no doubt became Fergie or Mourinho over a pint.
In "So which of you two galoots is the durned Dutch designer?
So, if massive exposure to all those goldarned galoots did me no harm, why am I worried about the influence of television on today's youngsters?
He toured full time with the group until 1993, when he joined a bluegrass-based band called the Galoots.
There'll also be perf omances by visiting bands including A Band like Alice, Roots and Galoots plus Thunderbridge.
Supporting Lee and the boys at their Tregaron gig are Welsh bluegrass band with a family link, Roots and Galoots.
In just a couple of hours they could do more to help Scotland than anything our politicians or SFA galoots have done in the entire year.
If he was elected on a public vote, and not by rubber-stamping Council galoots, Farry would be well on the way to collecting his P45.