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Ten Thousand Miles Away," "On the Other Shore," "The Farmer's Curst Wife," "Wanderin'," "Red Iron Ore," "The Bachelor's Lay," "Down, Down, Down," "The Old Woman's Courtship," "The Ocean Burial," "California," "The Gallows Tree," "I'm a Stranger Here," "The Drunken Old Fool," "Poor Wayfaring Stranger," "Hell in Texas," "The Senator's Stump Speech.
His most impressive performance, however, is when he portrays a man about to be hung in "The Gallows Tree.
As I was walking through the streets of--, His charming features I chanced to see: He marched more like a commanding officer Than a man to die on the gallows tree .
The execution of Archibald Campbell, Earl of Argyll, in 1685 prompted the MacDonalds to invade his land, hang the locals from the Gallows Tree in Inveraray, then crop the ears off the rest and send them to Jamaica and North Carolina.