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  • verb

Synonyms for gallivant

gad about


Synonyms for gallivant

to move about at random, especially over a wide area

Synonyms for gallivant

wander aimlessly in search of pleasure

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Once the heroine has slimmed down, transformed from ugly duckling into dysfunctional swan, the freewheeling narrative gallivants through Bridget Jones's Diary, The Wedding Planner and My Best Friend's Wedding, with brief nods to Pretty Woman and Notting Hill.
For Santorum to dump all the responsibility for raising their children on his wife and to leave her to home-school their six children while he gallivants around the country pontificating on "family values," is brutally selfish and self-centered.
However, the film is overlong and misfires in the middle third as Yuri gallivants around the globe.
Davies clearly does not have this, no matter how he flits from swank pad to country house, or gallivants abroad several times a year.
She's concentrated on being a brilliant mum to Molly, raising her single handedly while he gallivants around the world.