galley slave

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a slave condemned to row in a galley

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a laborer who is obliged to do menial work

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Jean Marteilhe's "Galley Slave" is the memoir of a French Protestant who was condemned for his faith to serve as a galley slave in the early 18th Century and provides a vivid, eye-witness account of what the lives (and deaths) of galley slaves were like.
OSCAR-winning epic set at the time of Christ, starring Charlton Heston as a galley slave who resolves to exact revenge on a villainous former friend.
And I, no longer intimidated, crept back, pulled out the tried and tested blackened pots and pans, and went back to being the original food processor - of the galley slave variety
There are no examples shown of the 'bench' office layouts which do much to cheer finance directors in search of increased margins, but little to raise the spirits of the work station galley slave.
Such were Ann's strengths, she was quickly invited to undertake many and varied roles on voyages, from galley slave to purser, from manning the crow's nest to watch officer.
Father to the Scottish Reformation and the Church of Scotland; Catholic priest until his conversion in 1545; French galley slave for eighteen months after the battle for St.
The result is the story of Lord Cazaril, a Chalion battle commander still suffering the emotional and physical aftereffects of his captivity as a galley slave.
Il titolo dell'edizione inglese, The Journal of Aurelio Scetti, reca il sottotitolo A Florentine Galley Slave at Lepanto (1565-1577) che sottolinea, con evidente intento promozionale, la partecipazione del galeotto alla vittoria della flotta della Lega Santa cristiana su quella dei Turchi a Lepanto nel 1571.
No, my dear friend, like some wicked cross between a palentologist, historian, overworked ER resident, and galley slave you must take what you have just deconstructed and put it back together again.
The Journal of Aurelio Scetti: A Florentine Galley Slave at Lepanto (1565-1577).
Human beings are remarkably adaptable and resilient, able to take pride and satisfaction in what they make of the most adverse circumstances-like Rudyard Kipling's galley slave, reflecting on his last day at the oar:
He alludes to a galley slave chained to his bench who one day in a moment of epiphany decides to grab his oar and row; and in just such a manner does Chevillard decide to speak.
A galley slave might as well lecture his master on the proper way to row.
America's Lost Plays prints texts of The Virginian (1874), a post-Civil War domestic drama once popular in the South; My Partner (1879), generally judged his best, modeled in part on Bret Harte's California tales and depicting a woman who survives her sins to marry happily; The Galley Slave (1879), set in Italy and France; Fairfax (1879), of slaves and masters in pre-Civil War Louisiana and Florida; and The White Slaves (1882).
Tired at last of the Baron's refusals, uttered with no regard for what Candide has endured on behalf of Cunegonde or the girl's changed condition, Candide causes the proud Baron to be shipped as a galley slave.