galley slave

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Synonyms for galley slave

a slave condemned to row in a galley

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a laborer who is obliged to do menial work

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Such was the confusion, that the guards, now rushing at the galley slaves who were breaking loose, now to attack Don Quixote who was waiting for them, did nothing at all that was of any use.
Peter Stringfellow was a workingclass Sheffield boy, now 75 years old, who is dyslexic, but is good at maths, came to Liverpool to join the Merchant Navy and finished up a galley slave - his words - had various jobs and started to do well selling, but got greedy.
Whether depicting the ritual firing of a treasure-laden funeral ship or the grueling daily grind of Yarvi's stint as a galley slave, the author's economical voice gives a clear and unsentimental account of events sordid, beautiful, or, often, a blend of the two.
There was further drama in the race, won by Richard Ford-trained Makellys Blackpool, as favourite Galley Slave took a heavy fall at the third.
Knox was taken prisoner, and thus began his life as a galley slave.
All these eight years I've been toiling like a galley slave, with every ounce of my strength.
And lastly, highlighting the "Camisard sympathies" (107) of a former galley slave, Randall shows how Neau's refugee piety, again with the support of Mather, influenced Huguenot communities throughout the British colonies.
Jean Marteilhe's "Galley Slave" is the memoir of a French Protestant who was condemned for his faith to serve as a galley slave in the early 18th Century and provides a vivid, eye-witness account of what the lives (and deaths) of galley slaves were like.
ALTHOUGH I have read with interest Malcolm Mort's stories about his life aboard Merchant Navy vessels, I consider his contribution (Viewpoints, September 17) in which he compares his experiences in the Merchant Navy to life aboard a galley slave ship to be a rather excessive use of hyperbole
OSCAR-winning epic set at the time of Christ, starring Charlton Heston as a galley slave who resolves to exact revenge on a villainous former friend.
And I, no longer intimidated, crept back, pulled out the tried and tested blackened pots and pans, and went back to being the original food processor - of the galley slave variety
There are no examples shown of the 'bench' office layouts which do much to cheer finance directors in search of increased margins, but little to raise the spirits of the work station galley slave.
Such were Ann's strengths, she was quickly invited to undertake many and varied roles on voyages, from galley slave to purser, from manning the crow's nest to watch officer.
Father to the Scottish Reformation and the Church of Scotland; Catholic priest until his conversion in 1545; French galley slave for eighteen months after the battle for St.