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a proof taken before the type is broken up to print pages

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He confirms that the job of printing galley proofs at Fraser & Jenkinson did not progress to the metal type being locked into sixteen-page formes, in readiness for printing an edition of the novel.
I still retain the galley proofs for this ad as part of my personal archive.
Brunschwig's collages are built around galley proofs of Celan's poetry.
Most of these problems could, and should, have been addressed by Cambridge University Press long before galley proofs had been completed.
Looking at The Aritha Van Herk Papers, for example, the researcher will be fascinated with the range of manuscripts for Judith, which can be traced from its originas a short story entitled "Pigs" submitted in 1976 to Rudy Wiebe's English 584 course at the University of Alberta, through the novel's outline and research material, early drafts in holograph and typescript, followed by dated drafts submitted to Wiebe's Creative Writing course (with one draft commented on by Wiebe, and yet another commented on by "unknown students"), and later drafts submitted to the Seal Books contest (with editorial comments by Lily Poritz Miller), leading to the typesetting copy and, finally, the corrected galley proofs.
She has read manuscripts and galley proofs with great care and attention to detail.
During the span of a single week at Harper's Magazine a few years ago, I received the galley proofs of three new books entitled, in order of their arrival, The End of Nature, The End of Science, and The End of History.
As the longhand is transformed into typescript and then into galley proofs and the printed page, it seems increasingly to resist improvement.
The archive was acquired in 1999 and includes typescripts, manuscripts, galley proofs and holographs for several of Lessing's major works, such as "Briefing for a Descent into Hell" (1971), "The Good Terrorist" (1985) and "Mara and Dann" (1999).
1) Beginning in June 1913 Husserl tried just to make minor changes in the text, and this work actually reached the stage of galley proofs.
Three MDF walls, hinged like giant books whose eaves sheltered bookish works partitioned the exhibition space; in an adjoining room, an enormous drafting table, Si l'on pouvait etre un Peau-Rouge/table d'orientation (all works 2009), constructed from more boards, was arrayed with pages suggesting blank galley proofs.
Printed documents can be turned into perfect bound paperbacks in less than one minute, without set-up, allowing publishers and printers the opportunity to economically produce paperback books or galley proofs at their convenience.
From their command post, editors hunch over galley proofs preparing magazines like Trailer Life, RV Business and Highways, headed to the mailboxes of millions of people who prefer a home with a steering wheel in the living room.