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in a gallant manner


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He gallantly offered the right-hand seat to Beppo, and sat by him.
But when a prince declares himself gallantly in favour of one side, if the party with whom he allies himself conquers, although the victor may be powerful and may have him at his mercy, yet he is indebted to him, and there is established a bond of amity; and men are never so shameless as to become a monument of ingratitude by oppressing you.
Thus gallantly mounted, they felt new life infused into their languid frames, and dashing forward, were soon at the lodges of the Nez Perces.
The limpid water, ne'er ruffled by the rude breathings of the wind, shines with golden tints to the homage of the rising sun, while the light bark gallantly lashes the surge, rocking before the propelling gale, and forcibly brings to the appalled mind the fleeting hours of time.
Pelet proceeded to ask what she intended to do with me, intimating pretty plainly, and not very gallantly, that it was nonsense for her to think of taking such a "blanc-bec" as a husband, since she must be at least ten years older than I (was she then thirty-two?
Some of the weapons passed quite as close to us as was desirable, but no one was wounded, and the men pulled away gallantly.
A full-mouthed cry followed, when Hector and the slut shot through the opening in the bushes, and darted into the lake also, bearing their breasts gallantly against the water
Bertram gallantly, "are doing a great deal to set them right.
He approached the carriage, and delivered his message gallantly and intelligently.
The great point in his face was that it was intensely alive--frankly, ardently, gallantly alive.
The others pulled gallantly and swung the boat in - man, fish, and all.
Not going out this journey," whispered Bobby Wick gallantly, at the end of the third day.
She could not help recalling how gallantly her father had watched over her mother when she carried her last child and how eagerly they all had waited upon her.
But they were gallantly rallied by their old chief and came on with such a rush that the ape-men began in turn to give way.
Really--" he murmured gallantly, though he saw the wisdom of her remark.