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boned poultry stuffed then cooked and covered with aspic

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To serve: Trim off the ends of the galantine and cut into one-half inch slices.
As Java technology continues to evolve and help shape enterprise systems, the support and advancement of long-time partners such as Macromedia is critical," said Ralph Galantine, product marketing line manager, J2EE, Sun Microsystems, Inc.
Merlans la Bercy Coquilles de Cervelles au Gratin Flamri de Semoule Galantine de Volaille a la Gelee Anguilles Pompadour Selle de Mouton Bouquetiere
Five plates of galantine of capon and gelatine shapes [mollume]; under the gelatine were drawn the arms of the cardinal, certainly very well made.
The starter--a colorful combination of salmon and spinach galantine with shrimp and Waldorf salad--was a meal in itself.
The meal will include mouthwatering delights such as Salmon Mayonnaise, Potted Shrimps, Veal & Ham Pie, Galantine of Chicken, Chicken la Maryland, imported cheeses, unique soups, salads and desserts.
Over several courses, and with 40 options on offer, the cream of Edwardian society were served a choice of such dishes as eggs Argenteuil, consomme fermier, chicken a la Maryland, galantine of chicken or grilled mutton chops.
Organised by the Welsh Culinary Association Mr Sampson's winning menu opened with a starter of galantine of guinea fowl (boned and stuffed) with pancetta, artichoke and mushroom followed by fennel and saffron soup with red mullet.
Galantine of Highland game presented with marinated figs and a mizuna salad
Recipes range from the basic - potato leek soup - to the incredibly complex - turkey galantine (a turkey that has been deboned, filled with a forcemeat mixture and cooked).
Steve Buscemi stars as "Les Galantine," a small-time celebrity photographer aching to take just one great picture.
How to impress the French:Chef Graham Tinsley has decided on the following canapAs for Sunday's reception on the Cote d'Azur Pant Ysgawn goats' cheese tart with onion marmalade Conwy crab and leek strudel Caramelised Welsh lamb fillet on fennel biscuit Smoked trout, cockle and laverbread roulade Corn-fed chicken and Carmarthen ham galantine with tomato pickle.
TIBCO is demonstrating its commitment to industry standards by being one of the first business integration vendors to join the growing community of J2EE licensees," said Ralph Galantine, J2EE product line manager at Sun.