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agile long-tailed nocturnal African lemur with dense woolly fur and large eyes and ears

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Galagos are often called "bush babies," known for their small size and loud cries that vaguely resemble those of a human baby.
Galago was the first winner bought by Jessica Stafford, daughter of Thurloe Thoroughbreds chief James, as she looks to further her bloodstock experience.
Cells of origin of several efficient pathways from the superior colliculus in Galago senegalerisis.
Lorisidae: Loris, Pottos, Galagos: Galago senegalensis
Stiff, P, Cry Zimbabwe, Galago, Alberton, 2000, p 341.
Table 1: Wildlife species population structure in study location of Kwale Forest Reserve CLASS ORDER FAMILY COMMON NAME ORDER MAMMALIA Carnivora Viverridae March mongoose African Civet Felidae Forest Gene Mustelidae Palm civet Serval Leopard Cape Clawless Otter Carnivora Carnidae Fox Mustelidae Spotted necked otter Warthog Artiodactyla Red River--hog Suidae Hippopotamu Hippopotamus Bovidae African buffalo Sitatunga Blue duker Kob, Bushbuck Primate Galagidae Dwarf Galago Cercopithedidae Mona monkey Pata monkey White-nose monkey Rodentia Sciuridae Redless Tree- Squirrle Giant forest- Cricetidae Squirrel Gambian Giant-rat.
Vertical jumping in Galago senegalensis: the quest for an obligate mechanical power amplifier.
Not a Military War is published by Galago and costs pounds 16.
Chapter exercises make extensive use of a Java-based open source search engine called Galago, which was designed for this book and incorporates lessons learned from experience with the Lemur and Indri projects.
calabarensis 2 2 (calabar angwantibo) Galago alleni (Allen's galago) 1 1 Perodicticus potto (potto) 2 2 Total 215 170 (79.
He is the coauthor, with Daluxolo Luthuli, of Umkhonto weSizwe: fighting for a divided people (Alberton: Galago, 2005).
The many features of galago brains shared with other primates indicate that early primates of perhaps 80 million years ago already had brains that were highly specialized in ways that differed from those in other mammals.