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agile long-tailed nocturnal African lemur with dense woolly fur and large eyes and ears

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Galago was the first winner bought by Jessica Stafford, daughter of Thurloe Thoroughbreds chief James, as she looks to further her bloodstock experience.
Chapter exercises make extensive use of a Java-based open source search engine called Galago, which was designed for this book and incorporates lessons learned from experience with the Lemur and Indri projects.
calabarensis 2 2 (calabar angwantibo) Galago alleni (Allen's galago) 1 1 Perodicticus potto (potto) 2 2 Total 215 170 (79.
The chipmunk-size Galago senegalensis could teach an Olympic long jumper a few points about taking a leap.
as told to Peter Stiff), 1984, Selous Scouts Top Secret War, Galago Press, Johannesburg, South Africa
Hungry, the tiny bush baby, also called a galago (guh-LAY-goh), goes in search of food.
Considering coincidence of generic distributions with only Marburg hemorrhagic fever occurrences (Table 2), an initial list included 63 genera; 22 of these were omitted because their species had a large body size or were primates (Perodicticus, Galago, Gorilla, Leptailurus, Atilax, Dologale, Mungos, Crocuta, Lutra, Civettictis, Ceratotherium, Owcteropus, Pommochoerus, Litocranius, Taurotragus, Tragelaphus, Cephalophus, Sylvicapra, Oryx, Kobus, Redunca, Manis).