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Synonyms for gal

Synonyms for gal

United States liquid unit equal to 4 quarts or 3

a unit of gravitational acceleration equal to one centimeter per second per second (named after Galileo)

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alliterative term for girl (or woman)

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The treatment center directors commented that in their experience true GALK and GALE deficiencies are associated with very high Gal values, usually >3.
As the only partnered Gal Pal--her other half is photographer Joon Pascocello--she will certainly be the best source for relationship advice.
At the time of the acquisition of CAT from Renault by GAL in July 2001, GAL
Cover Gal jumped out to a quick lead in the seven-furlong race with Kent Desormeaux aboard, but when Cover Gal drifted out around the final turn, Pincay moved Kitty On The Track inside, grabbing the lead late in the stretch to win by a length.
Supporters participate in The Gal to Gal Walk by creating their virtual likeness online and then watching themselves "virtually" walk in their choice of 31 cities across America.
In Dade county 101,400 hours are donated to the GAL program annually.
When Gal looked up from his easel again, the boy's mother was standing there, looking at the Jewish religious pictures he had painted and hung on the wall behind him.
The juridical principle of the fidei commissum that Paul has enunciated in Gal 3:15 makes the testament inviolable: "No one annuls or adds a codicil to a testament ([TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII.
Logan wants Gal to return to London and help him pull a big bank heist.
Buffalo Gal Pictures recently moved into larger premises with a bold manifesto by operations manager Ian Handford: "We are the Buffalo Gals, Canada's Most Terrifying Film and Television Production Company.
Although I generally position myself with liberal commentators and am profoundly influenced by the new perspective in my reading of Paul, I am troubled by the inclusive reading of Gal.
Nasty Gal is the latest addition to Index Ventures' portfolio of groundbreaking fashion retail sites including Net-a-Porter, ASOS, and Etsy.
Limited Tenders are invited for 1)Bolt H D Gal Tr20140b Rev 02 #02 M 16X65 Qty: 4000 No 2)Bolt H D Gal Tr20140b Rev 02 #06,M 20X65 Qty: 4000 No 3)Bolt H D Gal Tr20140b Rev 02 #04, M16x80 Qty: 5000 No 4)Bolt H D Gal Tr20140b Rev 02 #07, M20x75 Qty: 6000 No 5)Nut H D Gal Tr20141n Rev 02 #04,M20 Qty: 100000 No 6)Washer H D Gal Tr20161w Rev 00 #3,M20 Qty: 100000 No 7)Nut H D Gal Tr20141n Rev 02 #02,M12 Qty: 150000 No 8)Nut H D Gal Tr20141n Rev 02 #03,M16 Qty: 150000 No 9)Washer H D Gal Tr20161w Rev 00 #1,M12 Qty: 150000 No 10)Washer H D Gal Tr20161w Rev 00 #2,M16 Qty: 150000 No