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Synonyms for gait

Synonyms for gait

the rate of moving (especially walking or running)


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5 ( ANI ): Researchers have suggested that a horse's gait, an attribute central to its importance to humans, has been influenced by a genetic mutation, which was spread by humans across the world.
Horses have gaits classified in three descriptions of speed: walk, trot and gallop.
He received an eight-channel implanted motor neuroprosthesis to facilitate walking by delivering stimulation bilaterally to the hip flexors, knee extensors, and ankle dorsiflexors to assist his gait during the swing and single-limb stance phases [13].
Though no one system has yet become the clear leader, DARPA has arrived at some preliminary findings about the concept: "Gait fused with face has the potential to improve face recognition performance; gait can improve the reliability of tracking algorithms; and gait is a fundamental component in future research in human activity inference," says Walker.
In addressing the scope of its investigation, the Department confirmed that the investigation covers both the GAITS structure and the PNC transaction structure (referred to as C-GAITS) and the alleged failure of AIGFP to "timely unwind" the GAITS transactions, as well as alleged misleading marketing of C-GAITS products to various entities with which transactions were not consummated.
WashingtonExec: Please tell us a little bit about your background and position at GAITS.
Even though it is generally understood that gait training has been the only successful method used to delay the need for a wheelchair (4), there are limited measures used to assess changes in gait for individuals with FA.
Human gait has been the focus of a substantial number of investigations.
When Ruina and Srinivasan simulated a wide range of possible gaits based on these fundamentals, they found that ordinary walking and running were two of the three most-efficient gaits.
The horses and riders are put through a simple routine designed to demonstrate the special gait of the Icelandic horse breed, at two speeds ( a slow and quicker speed.
GAITS, a leading provider of information technology and network solutions for security, defense and e-government, today announced that it has been awarded the number one spot on Washington Technology's Fast 50 list of growing companies.
The new GAITS Western Operations Headquarters is located at 10501 Research Road SE, Albuquerque, NM, within the Sandia Science & Technology Park (SS&TP).
Berlin, January 18 (ANI): German scientists have developed a walking robot, which can flexibly and autonomously switch between different gaits, depending on the situation.
He's straightened out a little bit about the sequence of evolution of these gaits, how they have changed and even reversed themselves in the history of a group.