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Synonyms for gainful

Synonyms for gainful

yielding a fair profit


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Studies show that children who participate in high quality early childhood education programs have higher cognitive test scores through age 21, higher academic achievement in both reading and math and were more likely to attend a four-year college and be gainfully employed.
This would also lead to degasifying the coal seams ahead of coal mining thus mitigating safety hazard and gainfully utilizing CBM.
In the future these aerial vehicles can also be gainfully employed in various socio-economic development projects, it added.
In the future, these UAVs could also be gainfully employed in various socio-economic development projects as well," said the release from ISPR.
Employer contributions (except mandated employer contributions) or member contributions provided the member has been gainfully employed on at least a part time basis during the financial year in which the contributions are made (this is commonly referred to as the work test).
One is bound to ask what is being done now to be able to keep these people gainfully employed in the future.
Duck battled gainfully to get back into the game but despite creating many chances they couldn't convert any and Mark King showed them how to finish when he killed the game off for Hare & Hounds in the 84th minute.
DISY MP Averof Neophytou yesterday tabled a legislative proposal making it mandatory for all gainfully employed persons to submit tax returns.
The bulk of the demonstration -- a general strike that paralyzed Greece as the two-thirds of the country that is still gainfully employed walked off the job Wednesday -- was peaceful.
In a statement the association said that the NGN40bn proposed to be spent on the restructuring could be utilised more gainfully by investing in resolving the country's problems, including power, health, education or roads.
Either they use the time gainfully by concentrating on the five races spread among Newcastle, York and Newmarket, or they do as thousands did during the successful Dubai International raceday at Newbury last Sunday and bet on the horses regardless of their parentage.
In that earlier letter he complains that lawyers will always be gainfully employed, but I don't see this as a problem, only the particular clientele they all too often represent.
The fact that she is also gainfully employed at a local hospital and was recently the recipient of a fat inheritance had absolutely nothing to do with the man's decision -- only a cynic would think this had anything to do with his choice
Bird, an active and gainfully employed 55-year-old man, along with his attorney, Rachel Placitella, sued the manufacturers of asbestos-containing products which Mr.
The Machine Tool Program at TTC-Shelbyville provides the technical instruction and skill development for the students to become gainfully employed.
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