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Synonyms for gainful

Synonyms for gainful

yielding a fair profit


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Opportunities for gainful employment are also coming from India's information technology and business process outsourcing sectors.
With Donald Trump assuming the presidency, though, some experts question whether measures including the gainful employment rules will survive.
Morente said the SWP is valid for three months and that the applicants should not engage in other gainful activities while in the country or the said work permit will be revoked.
A new APHSA initiative, the Center for Workforce Engagement (CWE), has been established to identify and promote policies, practice models, funding structures, and other resources that can best support and enable gainful employment and independence for individuals and their families.
Practical steps are required to manage Pak-Afghan borders for gainful conclusion of Operation Zarb-e-Azb, the COAS said.
In 2010, the Obama administration began a concerted assault on private-sector, for-profit colleges (often called "career colleges") by, among other means, seeking to establish so-called gainful employment regulations that would restrict students' access to federally backed loans if students sought to attend career colleges rather than government-run or nonprofit colleges.
This would create jobs, improve nutrition, and give every child a sure start: non-working mothers could go and play with their children in the kind of social environment in which children were meant to be brought up, thereby reinforcing that bringing up children is an important job and not an alternative to gainful employment.
Education: Our children must be prepared for higher education or gainful employment upon graduation to succeed.
Murphy argues that the requirement of a gainful education standard--all student loan recipients must evidence the capacity to benefit gainfully from all tax supported postsecondary education--together with a prohibition of the expenditure of tax dollars for remediation for persons admitted to accredited postsecondary institutions is the only way public K-12 education will ever be reformed.
As an alternative to counting sheep and getting distracted by the sheer pointlessness of the exercise, try counting how many of the 20,000 or so loons at Stonehenge yesterday have gainful employment.
Gainful employment of Armenia's households is declining, the results of the Caucasus Barometer 2012 survey say.
Department of Education's "gainful employment" regulations, the DOE still has authority to regulate gainful employment programs and schools should continue to look for ways to promote the financial success of their students.
The overarching objective is to provide gainful employment to the local population.
Though certificates currently aren't counted in many measures of postsecondary attainment, often they provide the outcomes that degree-seeking students are looking for: gainful employment.
First, there is the urgent challenge of eradicating poverty, hunger and illiteracy and providing gainful employment to all.
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