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Synonyms for gainer

a person who gains weight

a person who gains (gains an advantage or gains profits)

a dive in which the diver throws the feet forward to complete a full backward somersault and enters the water feet first and facing away from the diving board


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BIG BREAK Ded Rabbit, made up of four Gaine brothers, will play T in July
Flintshire magistrates heard Gaine, of Clwyd Street, Shotton, "went mad" and "lost the plot", and a scuffle broke out.
In a study by Gaine (2001), the students in Game's course expressed that in order to change attitudes about race, people needed to be made to feel uncomfortable.
Comstock Resources is divesting its oil and gas properties in Reeves and Gaine counties in West Texas to Rosetta Resources Inc.
be reformed you shall Delay noe Man for Lucre Gaine or Malice you
The other, also undated, is a verse composition in Sanskrit entitled Vissantaragita (NGMPP X 1078/1) from a handbook recording the lyrics to by sung to the sarangi, a string instrument found in Nepal and Rajasthan, by members of the marginalized Gandharva or Gaine caste, from which, traditionally, occupational bards are recruited.
The fund was the idea by the 17-year-old's cousin Brad Gaine, 25, of Brynteg, Wrexham.
In general elections in May, the PAP held power with its worst result since Singapore gaine independence in 1965, winning just 60 per cent of the votes.
The 3m3f handicap chase went to Esme Rides A Gaine, who was ridden by Paddy Aspell for trainer Chris Wilson and his wife Julie.
Grateful thanks also to Father Robinson and Father Gaine for their kind ministrations and also to Jim and all staff of Cookson Tyrer Funeral Directors for their help and dignified funeral arrangements.
The Social Democratic Party gained votes in the south for 3 mandates, while we gaine votes in the north for 7 mandates.
Lisandro Lopez etait reste indisponible durant tout l'ete apres avoir souffert au niveau de la gaine du talon d'Achille du pied gauche des le debut du mois de juillet.
1 overs and gaine a bonus point and moved into the final.
Ceres aquaculturist Ned Gaine has jacked up the carbon dioxide levels in the Ceres aquaculture facility to 3,000 parts per million, increasing the thickness of the duckweed leaves from about one-eighth or one-quarter inch to one inch.