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The results showed that the top 300 features, as ranked by the gain ratio, are sufficient for achieving 86% accuracy in emotion recognition.
slight change of gain ratio criteria of all attributes, but still, attribute outlook is the most informative one and thus remains root.
The most important index of radiotherapy equipment is the radiotherapy gain ratio, which is not only the most important index for measuring the advancement degree of radiotherapy equipment and represents the development direction of radiotherapy, but also shows the technical advantages of the Gyro Knife.
Compared to the company's previous generation of inverter control MCUs, the devices feature a four-fold increase in resolution of the A/D converter that detects motor rotation (4,096 discrete values, 12 bits) and an approximately six-fold increase in gain ratio -- to 13 steps -- of the operational amplifier (op amp) that adjusts the level of motor status signals.
In addition, engineers can check the interaction between the base station and the handset using a Tektronix unique gain ratio view and codogram to enable the engineer to monitor power consumption, and validate total system operation.