gain ground

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Synonyms for gain ground

obtain advantages, such as points, etc.

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The top two locked horns in Division One with honours even as leaders Falcon (Jack Spark) drew 1-1 with Coach & Horses (John Holmes) and this allowed Platinum Menswear in third place to gain ground as they just got by Sacred Heart (Joe Edwards) 2-1 thanks to goals from Jordan Holmes and James Gardiner.
Stora Enso's high-tech barrier coatings gain ground.
Although Cisco started shipping OC-192 interfaces earlier this year to better compete with the M160 router, Juniper still managed to gain ground," remarks Rosalyn Roseboro, Senior Analyst in RHK's Switching and Routing service.
While the rewards of the future will require battles as hard-fought as the ones that have helped us to gain ground in the past, and we must remain ever-vigilant if we are to continue to build on those gains, I still fervently believe that the glass is indeed half full, and that our best history is yet to come.
Although pressure-decay leak testers are currently predominant in the market, mass-flow leak-measurement systems are beginning to gain ground, particularly in the automotive sector as well as the more cost-sensitive medical-device market in applications where precision testing rather than simple gross leak detection is sought.
Although the Hispanic demo has lower multichannel penetration than the general population, the services are expected to gain ground in the coming decade.