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They should be decorated gaily and adorned with flowers and pictures.
Osborne's Baba Yaga is malign, the Catacombs dank and mysterious, his unhatched chicks dance gaily - all captured in demonstration-class sound.
For instance there are some poor sods Whose title is reclaimed But others go on as before So proud to be defamed They've either got brass necks Or are too much in the know For fate to lay a hand on them Much less a body blow Perhaps it's always been like this Retribution for a few While others carry gaily on - Just doing what they do
AUBURN - Neither rain nor snow nor gloom of night will prevent Santa from riding his reindeer aboard a gaily decorated Tower One fire truck Dec.
The Berlin gaily Sun reported at the time of the purchase that the New Hampshire part of the deal included the 23,000-acre Phillips Brook tract.
See them gaily avoiding tax, connive with tabloid hacks, make bubbles with company shares.
Snowdon Flyer, who continues to go the right way, is bidding to become only the third juvenile following Gaily Noble (1976) and Yankee Express ('82) to win this title.
Thinking of the book's design now, there is a generosity in the allocation of space for gaily patterned end pages and exotic page borders.
Occasionally averting my eyes from scanning the road ahead for potholes, I cannot help but feel a sense of local pride as each day there appear to be more and more people abandoning their cars to take advantage of this new found freedom as they skip gaily to work, school or whatever other delights the day has in store for them.
LAST week, I saw a mounted police officer trotting gaily across the playground of the school opposite my house (it was the horse doing the gay trotting, obviously, not the officer).
With the sun in the sky and the wind in your hair, you gaily fly down the road.
But even in these cashstrapped times the pinstriped brigade have probably not stooped to being spotted in the local park with a dubious twolitre bottle, or gaily sipping rose at their local pavement bar.
North's two clubs conventionally shows length in both majors, and South gaily leaps to game.