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The cardinal was, as we have said, in very low spirits; and nothing when he was in that state of mind increased his depression so much as gaiety in others.
When the season of gaiety returned, she appeared as usual in her place in society.
With her friends she is always cheerful, and apparently happy, though the innocent gaiety of her childhood is sensibly checked, and there are moments that betray the existence of a grief that is only the more durable, because it is less violent.
The gaiety had faded from her eyes, and she said with great gentleness: "Surely, Granny, we can persuade them between us to do as he wishes.
The gaiety of Tom's temper suited better with Sophia, than the grave and sober disposition of Master Blifil.
But, without preaching, the truth may surely be borne in mind, that the bustle, and triumph, and laughter, and gaiety which Vanity Fair exhibits in public, do not always pursue the performer into private life, and that the most dreary depression of spirits and dismal repentances sometimes overcome him.
Looking at Anna's manner of simple-hearted, spirited gaiety, and knowing Alexey Alexandrovitch and Vronsky, Golenishtchev fancied that he understood her perfectly.
Nor was her residence at her mother's house of a nature to restore her gaiety.
Henry rejoiced in my gaiety, and sincerely sympathised in my feelings: he exerted himself to amuse me, while he expressed the sensations that filled his soul.
she exclaimed, with all her easy gaiety of old times.
Spin, on City Road, Cardiff, which also has a bar and serves food, will shut as the building, the old Gaiety Cinema, has been sold.
The 56-year-old claims she was humiliated after being told she was being moved to one of the seating balconies high above the stage at the Gaiety Theatre in Ayr.
The movie's first half hour is devoted to the wee creatures and its forced gaiety has the turgid feel of an endless Renaissance Faire.
A final, fourth, section restores the bouncy adolescent gaiety of the earlier part, and even brings Lopez and Hubbe on to join in the final frolics -- but the work seems less interesting for its determinedly resolved finale.
Budding actresses who can sing, act and dance can apply for the part by showing up at Dublin's Gaiety Theatre between 10am and 2pm next Sunday.