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someone who writes comic material for public performers

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The gagster, moreover, has the temerity to be subtle.
This was followed by a committee effort, for I cannot believe that only one gagster dreamt this whole bit up:
At one level, of course, the gagster was referring to you and me, and the bleak possibilities of our survival against gangsters.
Is the gagster saying that this lot in Delhi will not return to power?
While most clowns get the love and adoration of the crowd, these gagsters may get no response at all.
VETERAN comedian Bob Monkhouse meets the gagsters of tomorrow as he hosts the finals of the BBC comedy competition.
The Glasgow-based gagsters work separately and as a team, birthday parties are a speciality, and blunder their way through some of the oldest gags in The Bumper Book Of Slapstick Stunts.
Box office: 029 2022 4488 booking now Cardiff Comedy Festival 2010 @ St David's Hall, Cardiff (tomorrow) THIS year's showcase of top notch gagsters include home-grown talent such as Lloyd Langford, Chris Corcoran and Elis James, as well as London live favourite Lucy Porter Best of all though is headliner Rhod Gilbert whose show you may feel you've seen before, even if you haven't.
Some like pure slapstick or ribald red-nosed gagsters while others are only tickled by satire and irony.
Now he and his team of gagsters - David Scheider and Peter Baynham - are taking aim at a host of new targets.
Working at the time as a doorman at his local comedy club, Soho's The Amused Moose, Rhod would look after the coats of all the different comics on the bill each night, while building up his own confidence at the club's own workshops for wannabe gagsters.