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a flock of geese

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make a noise characteristic of a goose

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About Gaggle Specifically created for K-12, Gaggle's Safe Classroom Learning Management System features built-in processes and classroom workflows designed to promote educator and student productivity.
Complicating the matter is the fact that the app shares a name with Gaggle, the platform which is used in hundreds of schools nationwide.
8220;If a Gaggle school district buys Wixie, we can now help them set up their Wixie accounts for free.
The Gaggle iPad App enables each student using the iPad to log in to their own account and allows students and teachers to use the iPad as a collaborative learning tool.
Asked after the gaggle if the president has any plans to visit New York City for the occasion, a White House official said he does not and that is unlikely to change.
Wes Finch possesses one of the warmest and most soulful voices you'll hear, and he's assembled a gaggle of compadres who add sass, depth and joy to the mix.
Edited by Jan Harwood, a co-founder of the local gaggle, the book contains dozens of photos of Grannies in action.
Gaggle allowed the ISB research team to develop and validate visual representations, or maps, of gene regulatory networks in extremophiles for the first time.
But the movie's gaggle of writers (seven different men have either screenplay or story credits) come up with enough clever visual references to ease the burden of familiarity.
Couturier deftly quotes a gaggle of creative writing bylines in such a way as to highlight the energy unblocking magic implicit in each one.
Complicating the "documentary" is the presence of a gaggle of offbeat, has-been celebrities competing for best teacher in an unremarkable comprehensive school in a midsize English town, populated by brain-dead scholars and insane teachers.
Much giddy mayhem ensues as a gaggle of childlike acrobats high-hop between two oversize trampoline four-poster beds.
The Clorox Girls are backing up their uber rare debut 7" with a 12" EP entitled This Dimension, which of course has a song of the same name, from the 7", as well as another gaggle of raw and catchy distorted nouveau wave-punk-pop.
He notes that the large asteroid Ceres, discovered in 1801, was initially designated a planet, until a gaggle of rocky, asteroid belt objects was found in the same region.