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In-process gages, says Vrh, help the operator optimize the grinding cycle.
Not only do the latest column gages have digital readouts, but they show actual size.
A gage is acceptable only if it can measure to within 10 percent of total part tolerance.
The property so intrigued the Gages that they delved into deeds, tax records and genealogical information in Grafton and Shrewsbury and produced an article titled, "The Search for the Roots of a 200-Year-Old House" that was published in 1977 in The New York Times.
It looks as though [the RNA] is switching it from a repressor to an activator," says Gage.
NASDAQ: SPSS) has debuted Gage Manager software, a precise way to monitor gage calibrations and assess the effectiveness of measurement systems in manufacturing.
Gage Repeatability and Reproducibility (Gage R&R) is a procedure frequently used to assess the statistical properties of a gage and the operators who use the gage.
The lack of recent technological advancements combined with heavy capital expenditure (CAPEX) poses a daunting challenge to the world measurement gages industry.
Some field support shops are unsure if and when their gages need gaging.
When chasing microns the gage of choice could be the height gage, the ubiquitous external micrometer or any of a myriad of standard gages.
As a casting is being manufactured, numbers generated by gages and testing equipment are used to determine if the product will meet the customer's requirements.
has announced a new ultrasonic, Touch 'n Go, ultrasonic thickness gage that features unique, color touch-screen operation (TSO) of over 40 control knobs and switches built into control panels of previous thickness gages.
I saw in PS 678 (May 09) your suggestion that units whose M2, M296, or M3P machine gun gages hadn't received the required yearly calibration should stagger sending their gages to TMDE.
As an alternative to ring and plug gages, Superbolt decided to use Functional Thread Roll inspection gages manufactured by Gagemaker Inc, Houston, TX.
Distinctly different from attribute gages, variable-type gages have the ability to provide a quantitative value for the part characteristic being checked.