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Another advantage of the gage is that it allows quicker turnaround of special threads.
Gage said the charge of insubordination is in connection with photographing the poster and refusing to leave when ordered.
Futrell made a second call, but it did not go through because of heavy radio traffic, Gage said.
Prior to her current position, Gage held roles in the company's product management and strategic planning groups.
Those are two very important girls for us,'' Gage said.
125[inches], the variable-type gage will give you a numerical measurement that will tell you exactly how close you are to nominal.
Gage Wilson, a longtime local Realtor, had driven himself to therapy that morning.
After using a very complex and expensive automated gaging system provided by a European gage builder for an earlier program, Allison looked for a system that could meet requirements the old gage could not provide.
Selanne missed a chip shot on an open net near the right post at 4:30, and about four minutes later, was stopped by Gage on consecutive shots, first from the left circle, then after he collected the rebound and fired from the right circle.
One such alternative, combining modular gage components with computerized data acquisition and analysis, is available from Electronics Div, Kurt Mfg Co, Minneapolis, MN.
His shot, however, was high and Gage made a glove save on Jason Marshall's rebound shot.
Says Aldo Vrh, national manager, Marposs Corp, Auburn Hills, MI, the leading producer of in-process gaging, "Why would anyone want an open-loop control when he can use an in-process gage to close that loop?
The traditional gage, isolated from mainstream manufacturing and used to merely filter out rejects at the end of the line, may have saved reputations, but it did little to improve production.
May 5 /PRNewswire/ -- The formation of Air Gage de Mexico S.
13 /PRNewswire/ -- James Gage received an early Christmas and birthday present from Regis Philbin and Kathie Lee Gifford today.