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Synonyms for gaga

Synonyms for gaga

mentally or physically infirm with age

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intensely enthusiastic about or preoccupied with

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Directed by Chris Moukarbel - who was also behind the acclaimed 2015 Banksy Does New York - the documentary follows Gaga as she records and gears up for the release of Joanne.
When effervescent Gaga first performed for the judges at the audition stage in Edinburgh, viewers were enchanted by her version of Shirley Bassey's Bond theme Diamonds Are Forever - especially when Nicole Scherzinger and Alesha Dixon started provocatively dancing, Bondstyle, behind her.
Gaga needed five costume changes at the MTV Video Music Awards in 2009.
Safety - SRG Soft Foam Gaga Pits are made out of an open-cell, high-density foam which allows the panels to absorb a player's fall and not lose shape
Smack dab in the middle of "ARTPOP'' is the title track, in which Gaga makes the bold declaration that "My ARTPOP could mean anything.
They told the girl she was being blacklisted from the hotel and that Gaga would use the back of the hotel if she turned up.
24): T1 Aero Gaga 5-2, T2 Humble Times 20-1, T3 Westmead Jules 33-1, T4 Aayamzabella 7-4, T5 Incitatus 13-8, T6 Golden Donaire 12-1.
She said that Gaga is an artist, and the song's release was up to her, asserting that she was disappointed too.
Lady Gaga has officially launched her new charity, the Born This Way Foundation, at the Harvard Graduate School of Education's Askwith Forum.
American blogger Perez Hilton is more than a little familiar with global superstar Lady Gaga.
I was shocked to read recently about Lady Gaga not being a "real hero".
SENIOR EDITOR JEREMY KINSER'S interview of Lady Gaga garnered almost as much debate.
In an interview on US TV's 60 Minutes in February Gaga said: "I am making a lot of money.
Flamboyant pop star Lady Gaga ditched the music and switched to the media on Monday with a stint as a guest editor at the London headquarters of the global free newspaper network Metro.
And now, dancers in New York City can have as much as they want, thanks to new ongoing Gaga classes at Peridance.