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5%) severe gag patients and in Group B, 16 (40%) moderate and 24 (60%) severe gag patients didn't show any gag reflex when the lignocaine was mixed with alginate impression material.
At this stage his neurological examination showed- gag reflex suppressed bilaterally, no palatal movement on 'ah' test, with uvula being central, jaw jerk was absent and he had bulbar type of dysarthria.
For example, patients who clench or grind their teeth may not be able to use a mouth guard due to their hyperactive gag reflex.
She was resuscitated, but still had no suck or gag reflex when discharged from the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU), with minimal brainstem function.
Her mouth needed to be suctioned on a regular basis, as she was unable to control her gag reflex and was choking on her own vomit.
He explained: "The main danger is that it can lead to the suppression of the gag reflex so people choke on their vomit more easily.
And for the second time in an hour I felt that magic he mentioned at the beginning of the show work its charm as my gag reflex kicked into action.
A tongue tied, excessive tongue thrusting, abnormal orbicularis oris muscle tone or an abnormal gag reflex (vomiting) constitute an obstacle for physiological development of sucking reflex.
And my gag reflex wasn't helped any by my own trip to the surgery center a couple weeks ago.
If you really don't have water, no spade and no shop, get an old rag and try, suppress your gag reflex and make water.
Now the shocking news that Ben Afleck is going to be the next Batman is nothing short of revolting, I got a gag reflex when I heard it, on the verge of throwing up from my disgust of him.
Esmay is fed through a tube and is at constant risk of choking, as she does not have a gag reflex and therefore cannot protect her airways.
Brown has overcome his bodys natural gag reflex and says he now only notices the swords down his throat if they are cold.
For the third year in a row, Russell Stewart's boat Gag Reflex took the biggest fish, and overall first place.
These risks are compounded by the gag reflex which, under most circumstances, would be simply annoying but during a laser procedure may cause physical harm.