gag order

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a court order restricting information or comment by the participants involved in a lawsuit

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From the Uludere bombings to the corruption investigation, whenever there is a subject that somehow entails government responsibility, we see a court somewhere issuing a gag order that bans all newspapers from discussing the issue concerned.
Deputies of the main opposition Republican People's Party (CHP) appealed, in two separate initiatives, to another court for the cancellation of the gag order, maintaining that the ban, which does away with freedom of the press, is unconstitutional.
The gag order violated the First Amendment ban on prior restraints and the statutory requirement that it have a definite duration.
In March 2013, a local court issued a gag order on all news coverage of deadly bomb attacks in the district of Reyhanly in the province of Hatay.
A few days ago, however, Judge Jaffe issued a gag order against Mike and Karen Derzack, forbidding them from discussing CYS and the foster care system.
On July 12, about 4:30 in the afternoon, Battalion Chief Daryl Arbuthnott called the fire station where I work and issued a gag order.
Garcetti's spokeswoman Victoria Pipkin called the accusations of political motivation behind the gag order attempt ``absolutely false.
Deputy District Attorney Laura Laesecke, the prosecutor in the case, asked for an ``informal'' gag order to prevent defense lawyers from arguing their case in newspapers and on television.
Snyder also declined Tuesday to allow the gag order Yagman had requested, saying the attorneys were free to speak publicly during the trial, which is expected to take three weeks.
I may share Genethia Hayes' goals,'' Tokofsky said, ``but I realized we differed strongly on the means to those goals from the day she wanted to implement that gag order.
The self-imposed gag order didn't last long, but it's clear Hackett is frustrated over the Trojans' inability to play a complete game.
The school board, led by Board President Genethia Hayes, attempted to impose a gag order on all Belmont-related topics last month.
It seemed obvious to everybody of the PAC that it did not apply to us, and that the city attorney's decision was simply to enforce the gag order that the CRA sought,'' said Glenn Hoiby, chairman of the Project Area Committee.
And he criticized the Los Angeles Board of Education for trying to slap a gag order on school district staff concerning the project.
ySTANBUL (CyHAN)- A court-imposed media gag order on an investigation into the bombing in Ankara seems to have backfired as a number of TV channels and media outlets have continued to publish details of the attack amid reactions against the ban, which is seen as an attempt to cover up the massacre and violate the public's right to information.