gag order

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a court order restricting information or comment by the participants involved in a lawsuit

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This gag order is also contrary to the Universal Declaration on Human Rights and the rule of law and no civilized society in the world will approve it,' he added.
Stavrou, whom the university sued for defamation, was due to appear in court on Tuesday to argue against the gag order.
Cloudflare and Credo Mobile filed the case in an effort to fight against the practice of issuing gag orders to companies when requesting user data and communications.
The several statements made by the PCC with respect to the final payment to SMC were covered by, and prohibited under, the gag order issued by the Court of Appeals.
The gag order prohibits printed or televised news outlets to publish anything about the case except any statements from the prosecution on the case.
The gag order was met with widespread criticism, with many politicians and journalism associations claiming that the order serves as a means to hush up the government's assumed negligence in preventing the attack from taking place.
Though no names were mentioned by Maken, sources said the gag order is seemingly aimed at former minister Manish Tewari and former spokesperson Rashid Alvi, whose soundbytes are regularly aired by news channels.
Police investigators and Arnold stopped making public statements about the case when Vogt imposed the gag order.
JERUSALEM, June 4, 2012 (WAFA) -- Israeli police Monday arrested a Palestinian scholar and charged him with disobeying a gag order banning him fromtalking to the press, according to Palestinian sources.
Manama - Mar 28 (BNA) -- Bahrain's Military Public Prosecutor has today imposed a media gag order, with immediate effect, on news coverage of ongoing investigation, under the State of National Safety.
Manama Bahrain's public prosecutor has imposed a gag order on news coverage of the alleged terror network plotting to undermine national security.
Attorneys can ask for a gag order to be issued, but ultimately it's up to a judge to make that decision.
Ottawa -- As the so-called "Brokeback Mounties" planned to "wed" June 30, 2006, the Prime Minister's Office issued a gag order to all Conservative MPs.
Both Boras and Sosnick cited a gag order in declining to comment on the union's upcoming hearing on the matter, which hasn't been scheduled.