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the point of a joke or humorous story

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There are gag lines aplenty thrown into the story - "I'm free on Saturday night.
There are gag lines aplenty - "I'm free on Saturday night.
Galletta's script, Vogt-Roberts' direction and the distinctive play of the actors, notably Offerman and Mullally, lets the viewer know who everyone is right away, and the gag lines flow.
Bruce McMillan's original tale earns numerous laughs from the droll paintings of Gunnella, with visual gag lines aplenty on every page.
This is, intermittently, an uproarious book; again and again Treglown hits upon the choice gag lines with which Pritchett studded his correspondence and conversation.
It must have been tempting with so many gag lines for director Den is Lawson to play it loud but instead he gives it a realistic feel, the humour arriving naturally but still very funny.
As are the simple characters and tired gag lines in ``Good Boy
But whether or not Eric is mentally challenged, he's certainly a good role for Sudeikis, who delivers the offhand Gregory-Huyck gag lines with a light touch that, if not exactly sophisticated, at least reps a departure from the standard-issue sex comedy.
I've seen the video of his "Dressed to Kill" concert eight times, and my rapture at his gag lines ("Cake or death?
All this makes for a few plot twists that, while amusing, aren't terrifically surprising; the script in general could've used some crisper gag lines.
For every witticism that hits a bull's-eye, there are at least two gag lines that come off too canned, or simply aren't very funny.
With all the authority that comes from having played the young Vito Corleone, Al Capone and the entire Scorsese rogues' gallery, De Niro uproariously lampoons his street-tough image while delivering vulgar gag lines with exquisite comic timing.