gag law

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a rule for limiting or ending debate in a deliberative body

any law that limits freedom of the press

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The gag law violated doctors' free speech protections, according to the plaintiffs.
In support of overturning the gun gag law, the Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence said in a blog posting last silencing doctors is wrong.
March 1990 Kansas adopts the country's first ag gag law, making it illegal for people to enter a private animal facility to take pictures or video if they have "intent to damage the enterprise conducted at the animal facility.
Tribune had criticized the gag law since it was first enacted but made
At presstime, in fact, NEA was filing a lawsuit in Idaho seeking to strike down a newly enacted gag law there.
Let us look, for example, at what is commonly known as the election gag law passed by the old line political parties prior to the last election.
In what has become an annual ritual, South Dakota lawmakers have again refused to repeal a 1996 gag law that makes it a felony for many state officials to publicly talk about -- or even acknowledge -- investigations into people or businesses.
Harper has pledged to scrap the gag law mentioned in the short article, when he imposed his own gag order on members of his own party three days before the end of the Federal election on 28 June 2004
As for the politicians, of the four major parties only the Conservatives pledged to scrap the gag law.
Minnesota to overturn that state's notorious gag law, under which any newspaper might be suppressed - without benefit of jury trial - merely for printing information held to be offensive or defamatory by resentful politicians.
If only all international press freedom lobbying were this easy: Panama's government dropped its controversial gag law "reform" proposal July 26 the same day the latest protest letters were sent by the Inter American Press Association (IAPA) and the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ).
The abortion-related gag law clearly violates our cherished First Amendment rights," Schroeder wrote in a letter to her colleagues on the Hill, urging them to join her in repealing the Comstock rules.
20 formally removed from the books two press gag laws that were used by former military regimes to persecute newspapers and crack down on critics.
These ag gag laws are putting the public at risk and they further erode what trust there is among Americans for the meat industry,'' said Paul Shapiro, the society's vice president of farm animal production.
Also, Harper seems to have turned his back on what he himself understood in earlier days to be threats to the nation, such as the electoral gag laws silencing third parties, as well as the ever more unsavoury actions of Human Rights Commissions which, instead of bringing equality to Canadians, are pitting groups against one another while extinguishing freedom of speech.