gag law

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a rule for limiting or ending debate in a deliberative body

any law that limits freedom of the press

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Tribune had criticized the gag law since it was first enacted but made
House legislative committee condemning the gag law.
The next day, the Tribune editorialized against the gag law under
Having found the gag law constitutional once, there was little chance
Court once again upheld the gag law in a perfunctory opinion.
164) Later, Kirkland condemned the Minnesota gag law in a speech to the
The lawsuit challenging the Physician Gag law was originally filed on June 6, 2011, shortly after Governor Scott signed it into law.
Wilkerson also emphasized the importance of physician autonomy in what they communicate with and about their patients: "Just as it is wrong for state and federal gag laws to create unhealthy barriers between patients and their physicians, blanket reporting laws violate the sacred trust between physicians and their patients.
These ag gag laws are putting the public at risk and they further erode what trust there is among Americans for the meat industry,'' said Paul Shapiro, the society's vice president of farm animal production.
Also, Harper seems to have turned his back on what he himself understood in earlier days to be threats to the nation, such as the electoral gag laws silencing third parties, as well as the ever more unsavoury actions of Human Rights Commissions which, instead of bringing equality to Canadians, are pitting groups against one another while extinguishing freedom of speech.
It had Gag laws to prevent anyone seriously challenging the three main political parties during an election.