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Synonyms for GAD


Synonyms for GAD

to move about at random, especially over a wide area

Synonyms for GAD

an anxiety disorder characterized by chronic free-floating anxiety and such symptoms as tension or sweating or trembling or lightheadedness or irritability etc that has lasted for more than six months

a sharp prod fixed to a rider's heel and used to urge a horse onward


Related Words

wander aimlessly in search of pleasure

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To obtain GAD attestation they have to travel to India.
GADS NxL offers the industry's most accurate, reliable, and powerful level of performance for data entry, reporting and analysis for power generating companies.
GADS NxL conforms to ANSI/IEEE Standard 762, North American Electric Reliability Council (NERC), New York Independent System Operator (NYISO), the PJM Interconnection, ISO New England (ISO-NE) and other industry entities that collect GADS data.
Three of Outsell's senior-level analysts, David Curle, Janet Cleary and Leigh Watson-Healy, teamed up to provide in-depth, fact-based research and analysis of the GADS information market.
A group of users can create a GAD page using a simple Web editor within MyGADs.