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The numbered assay samples were formed either by random selection of fresh (un-weathered) whole rock material broken loose from individual pegmatite bodies, or alternatively, based on selectively collecting fresh rock material that was clearly (1) garnet-laden, (2) mica-laden, or showed clear visible (3) gadolinite mineralization.
In general, all of the pegmatites contained both target elements, while the mica phase appears to hold the higher scandium concentrations with small REE additions, and the gadolinite phase holds the highest REE concentrations and small scandium additions.
Barringer had already shipped off 1000 pounds of gadolinite and other minerals to see if anyone could figure out what they were and whether they had any value, but was disappointed with the evaluation.
Since the beginning of the 20th century it has been a fruitful collecting area, yielding fine crystals of euxenite, gadolinite, allanite, aeschynite, fersmite and many other species from its rare-earth-enriched pegmatites.
Hisinger and Berzelius performed new analyses of both gadolinite and the red Bastnas mineral and came to the conclusion that a new element having several characteristics in common with yttria was contained in the "Bastnas tungsten.
1965) The accessory minerals from Predazzo granite (North Italy), Part III (datolite, gadolinite, hellandite, ancylite, synchisite, uraninite).
These include: annabergite, aragonite, argentopentlandite (Sirka, 1988), brochantite, chlorite (group), covellite, devilline, erythrite, gadolinite, gahnite, goethite, gold-silver (electrum), illite, kaolinite, langite, malachite, montmorillonite, natrojarosite, naumannite (Frigstad, 1972), palygorskite, posnjakite, scheelite, sepiolite (van der Wel, 1972), stilpnomelane, sulfur, tetrahedrite and tremolite-actinolite.
Cotelo Neiva and Correia Neves (1960) report the occurrence of rare gadolinite at the Muiane mine.
The locality is known for samarskite and a variety of other interesting species such as fayalite, gadolinite, zinnwaldite, bastnaesite, synchisite and xenotime.
1986) Minasgeraisite, a new member of the gadolinite group from Minas Gerais, Brazil.