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Olsen, 1990; Nunnallee(2)) have demonstrated that gadoids may dive in response to perceived disturbance from vessels and/or trawls.
A 1 otolith per 1 cm length frequency currently used for many flatfish and some smaller gadoids and a 3 otolith per 3 cm length frequency currently used for many of the larger gadoids.
A gastric evacuation model for three predatory gadoids and implications of using pooled field data of stomach contents to estimate food rations.
Human pathogenic parasites occur in several species of fish that may be cold-smoke, including gadoids, salmonids, grouper, halibut, herring, mackerel, mullet, sablefish, small tunas and turbot (Mirza and Shafiq 2004; Kumchoo et al.
When fish meet a trawling vessel: examining the behaviour of gadoids using a free-floating buoy and acoustic split-beam tracking.
Low (Editor) Proceedings of the Symposium on Application of Stock Assessment Techniques to Gadoids, p.
other gadoids, and global weather phenomena that may have indirectly influenced the abundance of lobsters within the Gulf of Maine (Fogarty 1995).
Diel variation in the catchability of gadoids and its influence on the reliability of abundance indices.
Isolation of twenty low stutter di- and tetranucleotide microsatellites for population analyses of walleye pollock and other gadoids.
These studies would be most meaningful for the eastern Bering Sea semipelagic gadoids walleye pollock and Pacific cod.
Therefore, because the liver is generally the organ with the highest levels of lipid storage for gadoids, the HSI may be considered a good descriptor of female condition, and a strong influence on reproduction (Marshall et al.
Much of the work to date on reproductive potential and stock assessments comes from investigations on gadoids, pleuronectids, and other high-latitude species that typically have determinate fecundity patterns (Trippel, 1999; Murawski et al.
Factors affecting recruitment of selected gadoids in the northeast Pacific and east Bering Sea.
2001) examined the timing of the PDO and ENSO and correlated changes in both with recruitment success in groups such as flatfish and gadoids, but further study is needed to confirm their findings.