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The deployment was done in such a manner that the technical gadgetry supplemented the physical deployment on the ground and didn't allow any miscreant for any misadventure.
So is other distribution gadgetry, working at a very high price.
The key to the success is mobility and maneuverability of the force with latest high powered bikes with other hi-tech gadgetry, which enables the force to apprehend unscrupulous elements which earlier use to escape due to the law and order forces being on 4 wheel drives whereby the maneuverability was minimized.
It is not astonishing that even with all the gadgetry in the world, some people can still be left in the dark?
After reading Kirk Mona's "Old-School Interpretation" (Legacy, March/April 2011), I immediately went to Interpreting Our Heritage and reread the chapter "Of Gadgetry.
The Tracker Locate system uses additional gadgetry to make sure a stolen vehicle can be located even if other signals have been jammed.
ADRIVING practice discouraged by the Highway Code has become part of engineering gadgetry developed to cut the cost of motoring.
Spread across the front of the stage, surrounded by a myriad of electronic gadgetry, the trio tweaked, sampled and looped their way through an absorbing display.
The inventive gadgetry, various fights, and even a seance, along with lots of good humor thrown in, make this totally enjoyable.
KIDS pester their parents into putting pounds 20billion worth of hi-tech gadgetry into their bedrooms - which are then rarely used.
Seattle-Tacoma International continues to add more gadgetry.
Corey Friedman, owner of Nick Harris Detectives & Detective Academy, favors high-tech gadgetry over the brass-knuckled style of fictional sleuths Philip Marlowe and Sam Spade.
Road warriors need plenty of high-tech gadgetry, but deciding which products will transform a car into a mobile resource center is based on whether you want to purchase a new "fully loaded" high-end model or refit your current vehicle.
The blue behemoth, sponsored in part by NEA's Read Across America, is truly a spectacle--the bus's interior boasts the latest recording and video gadgetry and oodles of top-notch instruments.
Anecdotally, sources perceived gains or stable reading habits in segments of the black community, and others said that the rise of computers, the Internet and gadgetry did not necessarily pose a threat to books and reading.