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a person who delights in designing or building or using gadgets

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Gadgeteer provides a platform for writing software to control simple home-built electronic devices, made from Gadgeteer-compatible components.
Garden Gadgeteer ( Robomow prices start at pounds 745.
You no longer have to be a dedicated gadgeteer or electrical engineer to use alternative energy.
As Catholic Charities director, Mahony, a gadgeteer, brought in high-powered computers for mailing lists.
Like Loomis, Wood was a compulsive tinkerer and inventor and a lifelong gadgeteer.
But it's the built-in accelerometer, GPS and compass that make it stand out to a wandering gadgeteer.
n Garden Gadgeteer - Robomow prices start at pounds 745.
Among the sites offering huge savings are fashion - with top names such as Ralph Lauren, Prada and Donna Karan - toys for the boys - the Innovations Website has got thousands of ingenious gadgets to satisfy even the most up-to-date gadgeteer - plus CDs.
Matthew Miller is the author of Windows Phone 7 Companion, Facebook Companion, and Master Visually Windows Mobile 2003; writes both the ZDNet Mobile Gadgeteer and Smartphones & Cell Phones blogs; has published works in iPhone Life Magazine, Pocket PC Magazine, and more; and is co-host of the Mobile Tech Roundup podcast.
He was a gadgeteer and developed a complete woodworking shop in our basement, where he could refinish or make almost anything.
In fact, it's enough to buy 35 Alcatel OT707s, the touchscreen phone for the gadgeteer with one eye on their wallet.
After a search by a well-trained naval security team, we entered a workshop belonging to devious gadgeteer `Q'.
When one takes the oath to become a gadgeteer, he or she must abide by the 10 tech commandments.
WCR: It sounds to me like you were a gadgeteer growing up--circuitry, electricity, physics, and cameras.
Many Americans are still looking for that last minute gift for the hi-tech gadgeteer in their lives, but with so much technology to choose from what are the best gadgets and gizmos on the market today?