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Synonyms for gadfly

a persistently annoying person

any of various large flies that annoy livestock

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Bridges describes him as a "national gadfly, mocking powerful men and digging into evils in high places.
Although Perez-Alvarez's study is a useful corrective to the view of Kierkegaard as a completely self-absorbed and spoiled recluse, he leads readers down a rabbit hole by transforming the gadfly of Copenhagen society into a liberation theologian with an organized economic agenda.
He understood himself as a Socrates-like gadfly, constantly accusing the status quo of idolatry.
He said: "Deputy Gilmore reminds me of the gadfly around the tail of an old cow.
in Syracuse, NY) has been a gadfly to both the mainstream psychiatric community and the anti-psychiatry movement ever since the launching of the latter in the 1960s by R.
It is the Romance section from The Gadfly Suite, written for the 1955 Russian film Gadfly.
FOR years, Stephen Yagman has been the litigious gadfly of Los Angeles city politics, ever quick to file a lawsuit against the Los Angeles Police Department in the name of civil rights.
Regina, SK -- William Whatcott, a former juvenile delinquent, then an Evangelical pro-life activist and today a Catholic prolifer living in Red Deer, AB, has been a pro-life gadfly in Saskatchewan for over a decade.
He parlayed his skills as a journalist, muckraker, and gadfly into a job as editor of Mother Jones, where his managerial and personal shortcomings were quickly exposed in an unusually short-lived tenure.
So far as I am aware, in our group only the Cranefly and the Gadfly survived the war.
This is the Hurston that we know best, the outsider-insider, cross-regional gadfly who renders the mind of the black South in Mules and Men and its soul in Their Eyes Were Watching God.
Whoever would have thought that the guy with the best shot at unseating Senate President Ted Gatsas--at least from a campaign fund-raising standpoint--would be attorney and gadfly Bob Backus?
Socrates is well known for being an intellectual gadfly, questioning many popular or unpopular ideas that were unreflectively assumed by the masses or individuals to be true.
FRED HOYLE (1915-2001) was an English astronomer, cosmologist, science popularizer, science fiction writer, combative gadfly, and restless intellect.
She becomes a "Cinderella" in an unhappy household with an angry father, an unhappy stepmother whose destitution forced her marriage, and two stepsisters, one a court gadfly and the other sadly mute.