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a cushion on a throne for a prince in India

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Gaddi was fined pounds 600, for causing death through negligence.
PHOTO : Gat Canneries consultant Uri Pollak (left) and Gaddi Gil, managing director, display a range of products turned out by the Givat Hayim-based frozen juice packer.
We are very pleased to welcome Gaddi to our Board," said Granite Chairman of the Board William H.
Dogs were seen eating the flesh when a Gaddi Kheri resident found the body dumped outside the village.
The PS Hali Road also arrested 9 suspects including Aijaz Qureshi, Zakir Solangi, Qamar Zaman Solangi, Riaz, Ramzan Malik, Naveed Zai, Zubair Gaddi, Laxman Das and Kamran Shaikh in the crime of gambling.
The devotees, who had come to the shrine of the 16TH-17TH century saint from all over the country, particularly Punjab, participated in a number of activities, including preaching congregations, Mahafil-e-Samaa, Qirat Khwani, Qawwalis and the spiritual gatherings addressed by Ulema, Mashaikhs and Gaddi Nasheens from various spiritual centres and shrines from different parts of the country.
And for second straight time, too, sweet shooting and season's leading scorer Mark Gaddi Vergara captured the finals MVP award with 23 points while his teammate and former AMACom Ryan "Cocoy" Onella shared the limelight as the conference MVP with 9 points.
Lewis Betts, Chris Routledge and Geoff Gaddi (2) gave North Shields Wanderers a 4-1 victory over Red House Farm Barca in Division Five.
Shimla, May 6 (ANI): With the continuous rise in mercury, the shepherds of Gaddi community of Himachal Pradesh have started migrating from plain areas of Shimla town to the hills.
Derosa G, Cicero AF, Gaddi A, Mugellini A, Ciccarelli L, Fogari R.
It is for this reason that even the most secular politicians in Punjab on all sides became gaddi nashins.
It cannot have escaped your attention that the person on the gaddi of the Delhi court has absolutely nothing to say or do about the regional power-plays.
Up the hillside and further away from the city centre, the crypt of the church of San Miniato al Monte contains frescoes by Taddeo Gaddi depicting Saints and Prophets, as well as the remnants of Saint Minias, a third century Armenian Prince and Florence's first Christian martyr.
Although Ragionieri concentrates on painters such as Giotto and the ephemeral "Rimini School," we also discover lesser known artists such as Taddeo Gaddi, who painted some non-religious themes, and Maso di Banco, who represented a wonderful and unusual subject, the "Death of the Virgin," in 1340 (147).
Los Angeles and airport police and fire officials were investigating, said Gail Gaddi, an airport spokeswoman.