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a cushion on a throne for a prince in India

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Despite that, about 90pc of them had kept their prices intact at Rs85 per litre by bearing the financial burden themselves, Mr Gaddi claimed.
With the help of tracking device provided by GPS Gaddi, you no more need to call or send a message to the driver for asking where he has reached as you can easily view the animation of entire route at the real time.
Whereas, in Gaddi sheep it extended upto the level of angularis oris (Sharma et al.
Curator Sergio Gaddi makes a point during a media tour of the exhibition titled Picasso and Image Credit: AK Kallouche/XPRESS Artstruck.
Against Antiochus's machinations to stamp out Judaismand the Hellenists' efforts to eschew traditional Jewish laws and traditions with the modernity of the Syrian-Greek culturerose a clan of brothers of the priestly family of the Hasmoneans: Judah Maccabeus, Jonathan Apphus, Eleazar Avaran, Simon Thassi, and John Gaddi.
The commission reviewed the performance of 6 adhoc judges including Justice Nazar Akbar, Justice Ashraf Jahan, Justice Abdul Malik Gaddi, Justice Shah Nawaz Tariq, Justice Junaid Ghaffar and Justice Zafar Rajput and declared it satisfactory.
Bokody focuses his research particularly on Giotto and contemporaries such as the Lorenzettis and Taddeo Gaddi, while the frescoes at Assisi provide many of the examples.
Wanderlust (Fort Dignity x Princess Yana) is owned by Denis Gaddi and trained by Nestor Manalang.
They trace it from Vor Gaddi to Argyll Street to Pau Galli in Mumbai to Garhwal to Nasik.
Since his work with President James Wolfensohn of the World Bank and Director Gaddi Vasquez of the Peace Corps, Kahan has worked hand-in-hand with over 100 CEOs and executive directors of professional societies, trade associations and cause-driven membership organizations.
Besides, this they were also rearing gaddi and crossbred goats.
Above (l-r): Gary Noble, The Royal Bank of Scotland); Laura Stables, Lewis Creative Consultants; Gordon Stables, Enjoy-A-Ball; Andrew McKenzie, The University of Edinburgh; Ashleigh Kennedy, City of Edinburgh Council; and Gemma McGlynn, Gemma @ Sandy Jones Hairdressing and right (l-r): Fiona Gaddi, Gillian Markwick and Nikki Gardner, all ScottishPower, with Catherine Nalborczyk and Delyth Evans, both Granby Marketing, at the party at Summerhall, Edinburgh, to celebrate design agency Lewis' 40th anniversary.
But, as midfielder Fabian Gaddi explained of the team's nonviolent intentions, "It will be a complicated thing if we insult others, [but] the pope is Argentine and he knows and understands us.
The devotees, who had come to the shrine of the 16TH-17TH century saint from all over the country, particularly Punjab, participated in a number of activities, including preaching congregations, Mahafil-e-Samaa, Qirat Khwani, Qawwalis and the spiritual gatherings addressed by Ulema, Mashaikhs and Gaddi Nasheens from various spiritual centres and shrines from different parts of the country.
Anthony Gaddi said at the annual meeting of the American Urogynecologic Society.