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a restless seeker after amusement or social companionship

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The record suggests that the indefatigable gadabout may have been telling a white lie when he claimed as much, though when it comes to last night's Liam Gillick Bard College opening with dinner following in nearby Woodstock (minibus transport provided
The canny prostitute Sugar (played by Romola Garai) is determined to seize a better life for herself before her youth and beauty runs out; to that end, she seduces William Rackham (Chris O'Dowd), the gadabout heir to a perfume business.
At the moment those practical steps revolve as well around shaking the perception that she is little more than the fashion plate, unregenerate gadabout and celebrity consort best known to New Yorkers as Mrs Sting.
18 (435m): Tango Noel, Ballymac She, Karma Deejay, Rebel's Eye, Dave's Not Saft (M), Gadabout Dancer (M).
Meeting Room 1, Huddersfield Town Hall: My ideal life on the Bateau Gadabout by Sandra Parnell, tonight at 7.
The 60-minute gadabout in the two-door coup ended too quickly, before swapping driving seats to sample the much bigger, smoother and quieter 3.
It's never easy to feel like a young Italian gadabout motorbiking through the foothills of the Apennines with a brunette and the wind at your back--at least, not in Little Rock.
FOR a young, cashstrapped gadabout, a "compact" modern pad that won't demand much housework or cost a fortune in upkeep makes a perfect first home.
I don't want this gadabout, whoever he is, to ruin my chances of finally getting the respect I really deserve with his talk of lunches and whatever else he gets up to.
Much as Waterloo Road's Tom Payne made a decent bash of filling Best's gadabout shoes, I reckon the casting director should have aimed higher than the local under 15s five-a-sides team.
Not only was this cultural hothouse the mise en scene for writers such as Waugh and gadabout journalist Tom Driberg, but, as Taylor writes, the Bright Young circle also midwifed the careers of "half a dozen leading figures in ballet, photography, and surrealist painting.
He resembled the gadabout rogue-hero of a Picaresque novel.
Are you trying to imply I'm a social gadabout, not a serious student of sociology, working on a thesis on which my entire career is based?