gaboon viper

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large heavy-bodied brilliantly marked and extremely venomous west African viper

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Officers who raided his home in Basildon, Essex, found scorpions venomous enough to kill humans, a gaboon viper, the most poisonous viper, and a spitting cobra among dozens of deadly animals.
The haul included an adult gaboon viper which has the longest fangs of any venomous snake, said Insp Nevin Hunter of Devon and Cornwall police.
Disruptive coloration hides a venomous gaboon viper in leaves as it eagerly waits for a meal of birds, rodents, or frogs in Africa's tropical forests.
Feel the hairs stand up on your arms as the thick-bodied gaboon viper rouses from sleep, lifts its arrow-shaped head and bares a set of deadly two-inch fangs, the longest of any snake in the world.