gable wall

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the vertical triangular wall between the sloping ends of gable roof

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Connect the first section of pipe -- bell-end facing the fan -- to the short piece of pipe attached to the hub and, if needed, additional sections of pipe to a gable wall.
After tests the Professor dismissed the idea of a magic lantern hoax but favored a bizarre theory that the images could have been painted on the gable wall by a skillful artist using one of the many "phosphorescent substances" then available
Thursday, August 21, 1879, Knock, County Mayo, Ireland: Mary McLoughlin and Mary Beirne stood bewildered at the apparition cast against the gable wall of the local Catholic Church.
Withdrawn: | Mr D Archer, non material amendment to previous permission for installations of windows to gable wall (conservation area), 8 Low Town, Kirkburton.
To the gable wall are twin door to a former garage, but now with twin doors, one giving a separate stair case access to the second floor, and one to a workshop.
The gable wall gets cold in the winter and the cold gets through the cavity and transfers to the inside wall.
The venting is done in the attic as I have often described: A flat run on top of the ceiling joists to a gable wall, using a Schedule 20 bell-end drain pipe.
A large fireplace sits neatly in the east gable wall, with a cast-iron wood burner on a flagstone hearth and a traditional bread oven.
It's a rare surviving example of a typical form of signal box, with its gable wall facing the railway tracks, and it retains many original features.
On the old gable wall, the water would simply soak into the ground but once you remove the lower wall to form the extension it drains out at the beam.
Two families were evacuated from their homes after a gable wall collapsed in Leverburgh on the Isle of Harris.
A multi-coloured mural will adorn part of the south gable wall of the six-storey Northumberland College building.
The loss of the building mass of 31 and weathering problems to the exposed gable wall, plus wind suction, means it doesn't bode well for Galkoff 's.
On October 26, 2002, John Ollerhead, Leonard Davies and John McCabe, who were not employees of Kings, were using the scaffold to repair the gable wall of the shop when it collapsed.
Any resident whose gable wall sports a Khalashnikov or RPG will be locked up unless they can get it painted over by the First of January.