gable end

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the vertical triangular wall between the sloping ends of gable roof

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The two cars covered in bricks after the gable end collapsed PICTURE: WEST MIDLANDS FIRE SERVICE |
The two buildings were designed to butt against each other to form one large enclosure, and also had a removable gable end which could be retro-fitted to fully enclose the area.
Winds of up to 80 mph blew off the the gable end of a house in Jarrow and the same happened to a house in Sunderland.
But further damage has led to the gable end and half the roof having to be removed and the resulting exposed wall made safe.
Kirklees Council planners have blocked a plan to put eight advertising boards around the former Colne Mills site in the village, including one on the gable end of residential premises at Britannia Road.
The gable end of his house faces the sea and takes the full force of the wind and weather.
QOUR end-terrace house has a high brick gable end, which has been cement rendered and now needs repainting.
Colin Davies, 52, of Gable End, Hill Street, Quarry Road, Brynteg, has been warned to expect a significant prison sentence.
The 50-year-old was working with two colleagues to paint the gable end and rear of the house.
Lift the gable end without the door into place, and use a prop to hold it upright.
He also told her the gable end of the bungalow required re-pointing.
Work can now start on removing the shops and Concourse House tower that mask the station's listed Victorian gable end, so that an impressive new area of public space can be developed.
Traditional ornamentation is also reduced to basics, with curved ridgelines straightened and gable end ornament simplified to a simple lattice framework inspired by traditional grain racks.
They feature a crash lock base and gable end top with a locking tab.