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In a nutshell: Chemistry-free gabfest about a scam artist and rescuing angel conducting an interminable self-help session through a host of beautifully photographed Parisian locales.
com, the Gotham gabfest promises to gather such luminaries as syndicated columnist Liz Smith of Long Island's Newsday, Michael Musto of the Village Voice and MSNBC's Jeanette Walls to discuss how gossip is changing in the digital age and to honor the eYada Personality of the Year.
It's been a helluva conference," said RSA president Jim Bidzos of his company's eighth annual cryptographers' gabfest.
SOMETHING TO TALK ABOUT: Precious little to talk about in this Southern gabfest in which Julia Roberts is betrayed by Dennis Quaid.
The Woolery gabfest, produced by Eric Leiber, who also helmed the star's game show, The Love Connection, is a daily one-hour light entertainment show aimed at women offering celebs, cooking, animal segments and musical guests.
Launching Saturday, August 25, GABFEST RADIO combines Slate's most popular and acclaimed podcasts - The Culture Gabfest and The Political Gabfest - into a one-hour weekly program on WNYC AM820 and www.
In a special edition of the TribCast, we revisit some of the best moments from this year's live shows, with appearances by members of the Slate Political Gabfest, state Reps.
Tuesday night's Worcester City Council meeting won't be the usual weekly gabfest.
No longer would I have to remeasure flour that I'd lost track of while talking, or remove 28 tiny screws with an Allen wrench after discovering that, during a long-distance gabfest, I had assembled an IKEA cabinet upside down.
Caetani--talk-- a gabfest of serpents in whose conspiracies the world
Iran would gladly draw the US into a lengthy discussion of everything and nothing, and use this empty gabfest as a smokescreen to advance its agenda.
But after a stressful two-week business trip to Europe was extended by a week, Bruso was in no mood for a gabfest on his trans-Atlantic flight home.
Created in 1979 by two Duke University graduate students, Usenet is still the world's largest gabfest, with nearly 100,000 discussion groups covering the humanities, sciences, business, politics, computers and other areas.
gabfest, published in March, featured "conference participants" from the comfortable worlds of tenured academia and foundations and endowments.
While some critics charge that the media-watchdog group caved in to Paramount by failing to demand that the company dump the antigay gabfest, which is scheduled to debut this fall, others say it flirted with censorship by demanding that Paramount tone down the host's fiery antigay rhetoric.