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one of a family of granular intrusive rocks

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These gabbros exhibit high incompatible trace element concentrations (LILE, LREE, Pb), in conjunction with negative Nb-Ta-Ti anomalies, and a heterogeneous Sr-Nd isotopic composition (e.
The two-month expedition, aboard the drilling vessel JOIDES Resolution, confirmed for the first time the widespread existence of layered gabbros in the lower crust.
Gabbros are created by the injection of basaltic melt from the underlying rising mantle and are regarded as formed by slow crystallization in a magma chamber.
Quartz monzodiorite in the Charlo plutonic suite plots in the calc-alkalic basah field, although related gabbros overlap two or more fields (Fig.
Correlating unconfined compressive strength with Schmidt hardness, point load index, young modulus and mineralogy of gabbros and basalts (northern Greece).
The associated gabbros generally show amphibolite- to greenschist-facies mineral assemblages.
Instead a model where the Moho was the crust-mantle boundary, with layer 3 composed of the rock known as gabbro overlying the unaltered mantle peridotite has become the generally accepted paradigm.
This suggests that the gabbros layer is within reach of one or two more drilling expeditions.
Gold mineralization at the Titan Prospect is hosted within areas of intensely quartz-carbonate veined and altered gabbros and host sedimentary rocks.
In the layered model, it is interpreted as a petrological boundary between the gabbros of Layer 3 and the residual upper-mantle peridotites.
There also exists the potential for discovery of other mineralized gabbros on Aurora ground.
Leg 147 recovered a sequence of gabbros that formed at the magma-rich East Pacific Rise, as well as the complex transition zone between the crust and upper mantle, revealing the trapping and crystallization of magma within a previously melted piece of mantle.
Additionally, many known copper occurrences in the gabbros have not been assayed for PGM's or nickel, and numerous finely disseminated sulfide occurrences from the lower gabbro sequence which have not been assayed may also contain platinum-palladium values.