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one of a family of granular intrusive rocks

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The associated gabbros generally show amphibolite- to greenschist-facies mineral assemblages.
Instead a model where the Moho was the crust-mantle boundary, with layer 3 composed of the rock known as gabbro overlying the unaltered mantle peridotite has become the generally accepted paradigm.
This suggests that the gabbros layer is within reach of one or two more drilling expeditions.
Gabbros must have crystallized in this thin magma lens, which appears to be permanently located at about the depth of the Layer 2/Layer 3 transition.
Solidification of mushes produces cumulate gabbros (troctolite and iron-titanium oxide gabbro in the table) with compositions that are significantly different from magma compositions (basalts).
The 2003 exploration program has been designed to identify nickel bearing massive sulphides associated with known olivine gabbros and their related feeder systems.
Three conductive trends, on strike with known gabbros, have been identified by the MegaTEM survey in the South Gabbro area on ground held entirely by SVBN.
There also exists the potential for discovery of other mineralized gabbros on Aurora ground, as the results of a recent compilation have identified several untested ground pulse EM anomalies and many large magnetic airborne anomalies with coincident airborne EM anomalies.
The MegaTEM survey will be followed by widely spaced AMT electromagnetic ground geophysics on selected areas of the property to explore for nickel bearing massive sulphides associated with known olivine gabbros and their related feeder systems.
Many known copper occurrences in the gabbros have not been assayed for Platinum Group Elements (PGEs), and numerous occurrences of finely disseminated sulphide mineralization from the lower gabbro could also contain PGE mineralization, similar to that in the Bushveld and Stillwater Complexes.
Fifty-five rock samples were collected within altered volcanics and gabbros with the best results returning 4 metres of 12.
The survey is also able to distinguish graphite from the high conductance sulphides in the gabbros and in the gneisses.
Geological mapping will be carried out to help understand structural complexities, to identify additional gabbros and to help in the selection of areas for an airborne TEM survey planned for late 2002 or early 2003.