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one of a family of granular intrusive rocks

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A top executive of the General Cargo Terminal said that both initiatives will underpin efforts to position Sohar Port as a major distribution hub for gabbro and related construction material in the region, the report added.
At present, the vessel has been booked for next 2 to 3 months by the local companies to carry gabbro.
We hold rich reserves that can address the current market requirements when it comes to primary materials such as gabbro," he stated.
The port is set to provide additional berths for gabbro imports for the FIFA 2022 projects.
Field observations reveal that these gabbro plutons (isolated mini- magma chambers) appear to have been fed by many dykes.
Le pluton du ruisseau Landry se compose de trois unites : du gabbro a de la diorite quartzique, de la monzodiorite quartzique au monzogranite, et du monzogranite.
At two locations, MVVA6 and MVVA7, secondary copper mineralisation was noted associated with the ironstone exposures and in the vicinity of MVVA7, secondary copper mineralisation in outcrop is developed as disseminated mineralisation along the base of a differentiated gabbro intrusion in close proximity to the ironstones described above.
Sheridan Gabbro displays evidence for multiple impulses of magma into the chamber resulting in mineralogical layering within the gabbro.
Clad in a sensuous, emerald skin of prepatinated copper strips, the upper floors sit on a rusticated plinth formed from black basalt and gabbro, an indigenous green crystalline metamorphic rock.
According to documents at the Companies Office, his company Gabbro Ltd has taken out two life insurance policies on him.
Gabbro forms from molten rock, called magma, that rises out of the mantle and hardens deep within the crust.
The copper occurs in coarse grained gabbro along the contact of the Coldwell Complex similar to the Marathon Deposit.
Mohamed Khalifa al-Sada, S'hail Shipping and Maritime Services chairman and managing director, said, "This vessel is strengthened to carry heavy cargoes, and being a larger sized vessel, she could carry more than 62,000 mt of gabbro from the UAE to Qatar, but only because of draft restriction of 12.
The company was cited for its work at the Gabbro Berth Terminal in the port of Umm Said in Mesaieed in Qatar.