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one of a family of granular intrusive rocks

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Niyadi said the demand of gabbro in Qatar is set to rise many fold as the country is embarking on mega Fifa-related infrastructure projects.
The gabbro to diorite (of leucogabbro) occurs also as xenoliths in the QMM (Figs.
Three of these locate on gabbro and pyroxenite, one of which is spatially associated with a copper in soil anomaly located within the keel of plunging syncline in gabbro.
All of the shares, warrants and any shares issued upon exercise of the warrants issued pursuant to the private placement as well as the shares issued in consideration of the Lynn Gabbros property are subject to a hold period and may not be traded in Canada until May 26, 2010.
Nicolas and Boudier found small formations of gabbro, called sills, embedded in the shallowest mantle rocks.
On the other hand, Oryx Trading has agreed to supply 2mn tonnes of gabbro for a year while Village Trading will be supplying 6mn tonnes of gabbro over five years to QPMC; all Qatari owned companies.
Oryx Trading has agreed to supply two million tonnes of gabbro for a year, while Village Trading will be supplying six million tonnes of gabbro over five years to QPMC.
The MoU sets terms for a one kilometre-long jetty to quarry and transport over 3 million tonnes of gabbro and marketable primary materials every year by barges to Qatar.
Massive and disseminated sulphide accumulations have been recrystallized and remobilized and best developed in basal hornblendite and adjacent gabbros while low sulphide, PGE-bearing gabbro occur within the layered sequence.
1), comprises gabbro, pyroxenite, and relatively homogeneous harzburgites (mantle tectonite?
They are mainly gabbro, a coarse crystalline rock with tendency to open up into vertical cracklines, particularly suitable for rock climbing.
Instead a model where the Moho was the crust-mantle boundary, with layer 3 composed of the rock known as gabbro overlying the unaltered mantle peridotite has become the generally accepted paradigm.
Near entrances, matt-finished sheets of gabbro add an honorific note - and an easily cleaned one.
Beneath the dikes lies a third layer consisting of huge deposits of gabbro rock -- the fossilized remains of ancient magma chambers.
Two additional claims (32 claim units) were also staked over a mineralized gabbro unit associated with the Grave Lake showing, making a total of thirteen claims for the property.